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City Lights

Written By: Jim Viklund

Music’s on, Saturday afternoon
You’re dancing around with a martini in your hand

The city lights, those big blue eyes
The more I drink the brighter they shine

You stopped and said we can work this out
We got something here and I just won’t let it go to waste

You’re stuck in the back of my mind
Cause I went away and I left you behind
Once you were mine, but I went away
And I left you behind

Blonde love in a messy pony tail
It’s all over now and there’s nothing left to say

The city lights, those big blue eyes
Tell me how much did I leave behind


I heard it all, were we just a lie
You fucked me over babe and I just wanna know why?

The city lights, a beautiful lie
Promises and a million, million miles

Are you happy now, is he right for you?
We had something, don’t you wonder what could have been?