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Jim Baron

Huntington Station, New York, United States

Huntington Station, New York, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Chameleon CD review"

"Within the wiry voice of Jim Baron exists the wit, wonder and melodic prowess of Robyn Hitchcock, Billy Bragg and Lloyd Cole. Baron has the goods to compete within any star on the contemporary singer-songwriter scene and then some. This mini-LP [Chameleon] offers a smorgasbord of sub-genres strung together by Baron's love-struck melodies and wry wordplay. Jangle-pop defines ‘Dying Breed’, ‘Stay, The One You Love’ pumps neo-soul into the proceedings, ‘Long Way Down’ exudes angry goth and the title cut fittingly filters folk-rock with a fresh, acerbic attitude. And that's just half the disc. With a razor sharp backing band, smart harmonies, and crisp production, Baron's karma Chameleon changes colors but never loses focus.” - Amplifier Magazine

"Live Showcase Review"

"Sharp, silver-sarcasm from this Baron of songwriting that jets forcefully into your brain and careens around and around. Baron's musicianship is unique and ambitious and lends a fun counterpart to his lyrically driven songs...an authentic breed of upbeat New York folk and acoustic pop." - Jezebel Music

"Live Music Review"

"At a coffeehouse several days ago, I heard a singer / songwriter who's really come into his own. Moving into Manhattan and busking in the city's subways has had a galvanizing effect not only on Baron's muse, but on his performing abilities. I always thought his open-tuned guitar approach was interesting; now it's grown subtly intricate while retaining the bluesy feel I've come to associate with his playing. It's in the vocal department where the greatest changes have taken place.
During his three hour performance I was greatly surprised (and gladdened) to hear the marked improvement in the state of his vocals. The source was simple to identify, though. This newfound confidence and ability was the result of dues paying that no amount of practicing in a bedroom can achieve. It would seem that some magic can take place in the subway system after all.
Paying homage to his subterranean haunts, Baron's ‘I Sing My Life Away’ is an ode to busking, with great words and music to match. Another one which really got me was ‘Maria,’ a self-described ‘epic’ which brought each of Baron's newly sharpened talents out in high relief. Other songs brought Baron's dry wit to the fore, while his choice of covers (Robbie Robertson, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan) paid homage to his long-revered roots. Adding one's own verses to Dylan's ‘With God On Our Side’ might seem a bit far-reaching to some, but Baron pulled this off with a grace that owed more to his maturity as an artist than it did to his reverence of another. I salute Jim Baron's laid-back persistence. It's obviously done the right thing for him and should open up new and interesting paths for him in the future." - The Musicians' Exchange

"Blurb re: Chameleon CD"

"...there`s a sweet, engimatic shine inside this material [Chameleon],... You can tell that Baron is a busker, a man comfortable with just a guitar and song in his head. Recommended!" - NotLame.com


The following tracks have received radio airplay and/or internet streaming.

Uptown Bus & Downtown Demonstrations
--due out Spring. 2010
- "Missus Parker Wants Pets"
- "Tonight, Tonight"
- "Dying Breed"
- "Chameleon"
- "Why Don't You Go"
- "My World"
- "She"
- "Long Way Down"
- "Stay (The One You Love)
- "Now"
Not For Nothing--1995
- "Natalie"
- "Nowhere To Run"
- "The Night Ended Too Soon"



Jim Baron is best identified by his haunting vocals, his evocative lyrics and his elaborate but catchy songs that he welds out of folk, pop, rock and blues. Jim is primarily a soloist and has always allowed his instincts to guide him through adventurous changes throughout his musical career, exemplifying his image of creative freedom and independence. Jim has spent several years busking the streets and subways of New York, Boston and Montreal, he has performed at folk festivals as well as having teamed up with cowpunk bands, rock groups, latin rock and power pop acts. He has even shared the stage with Pete Seeger. Jim's first solo EP, Not For Nothing, featured live studio takes of Jim on vocals and guitars, accompanied only by piano, organ, harmonica and percussion. The sparse arrangements of Not For Nothing and its cohesively dark mood were notably punctuated by Jim's haunting vocals, his evocative lyrics and his intricate guitar playing. The Musicians' Exchange wrote: "Jim Baron is a singer-songwriter who has really come into his own." Not For Nothing garnered regional recognition for Jim in the Northeast as he soon became an established solo act to take notice of. Soon afterwards, Jim began supplementing his income from live performances and CD sales by busking street corners and subways in New York, Boston and Montreal. Inspired by his personal experiences, he soon became a local musical icon for the satirical and sociopolitical material that he put forth on his next release, Now!, and he became a regular guest on New York's WBAI radio station. The title track from Now! displayed a new vibrantly upbeat feel, and the inside connection noted Jim for "...a melodious, ruminating vocal range and a clear new evolved spirit". The following year Jim was a featured performer at Pennsylvania's annual Burn Fest music festival and was prominently included on a compilation CD of the event. Since then, Jim has played regularly both as a soloist and with backing musicians. Many of these new musicians helped shape the power pop edge of Jim's latest release, Chameleon. In reviewing Chameleon, CDBABEL.com described Jim as: "unabashed and sharp...he's got the spark of a rebel in him." Amplifier Magazine called Chameleon: "...a smorgasbord of sub-genres strung together by Baron's love-struck melodies and wry wordplay", elements of Jim Baron music from its beginnings. Most fittingly, Amplifier also wrote: "Baron has the goods to compete with any star on the contemporary singer-songwriter scene and then some." Jim Baron is the quintessential underground treasure. Discover him now.