Seasoned professionals that combine their experience from several genre's and blend it into an unforgettable fun time for the tasteful listener. You'll hear influences from several genre's. Original songs that sound like they are on the verge of dominating the airwaves.


Bob and Jim played guitar together the day they met in 1994. The few who witnessed this first jam thought that they were hearing a duo who had been practicing together for some time. Since then they have played in two bands together. Losing contact when Jim moved to Florida and back, then, in mid-2008 reunited and have been jamming since. They have a unique approach to live, on-stage jams in the middle of a set. Two acoustic guitarists working off each others improvisations and blending it into a sound that takes on a life of it's own. They also cover both well known as well as obscure songs from several genre's.


Recording in progress...

Jim Inman - Breakdown (2008) listen at myspace.com/jiminman8
Bob Merrick - Redwood Agenda (2008) listen at myspace.com/bobmerrick

Set List

Originals along with covers of Allman Bros., Pink Floyd, Flogging Molly, Beatles, Old Crow Medicine Show and others. Between solo tunes and the duo, JimBob can provide up to 4 hours of Music. A Typical show could be an hour of duo and an hour solo from each artist. Or a compilation thereof.