Jim Bruno

Jim Bruno


"Jim Bruno's material stands right up there with John Prine and Bonnie Raitt." World View News


Jim Bruno is a San Francisco Bay Area based singer songwriter. His songs have been recorded by Shawn Colvin, Mary Lou Lord, Cliff Eberhardt and Laurie MacAllister. Songs he's co-written have been recorded by Chuck Prophet and Thad Cockrell. He has toured in the United States and Europe.


We Were Blind

Written By: Jim Bruno

I should never got this blue tattoo
It’s like a scar that was left by you
Maybe half of what you said was true
But in the end it didn’t matter

You should have never called me from Molene
Late at night on that Halloween
A fading voice from a faded dream
And one that’s torn and tattered

You were shaken
I was shattered
We were blind

I should have never met your family drunk
I came across like stone cold punk
They treated me like a piece of junk
I apologized for the bender

You should have told me what was going on
It hit my heart like a cherry bomb
Our own emotional Viet Nam
And in the end we both surrendered

You were young
I was tender
We were blind

I heard you moved back to San Antone
With a drummer who goes by Ramone
Does he thrill you like I thrilled you back then

I should have never tried to call your bluff
I should have seen that you’d had enough
And even then when the times got tough
I thought you’d come back crawling

You should have never screamed at me like that
As serious as a heart attack
I tried to tell you, I don’t need the flak
But you knew that I was stalling

You were slipping
I was falling
We were blind

Ray Took a Slug in the Leg

Written By: Jim Bruno

Ray took a slug in the leg
But they say he’s going to be o.k. and I hear
He just tried
To do what’s right

This world’s such a funny place
You never know what the day might bring, your turn
May come
To put up a fight

Is it me or does it seem
Nothing stays the same
There’s no knowing why we’re going
Right down the drain

Yesterday lying in bed
I tried to shake the cobwebs out of my head
As I read
The morning news

The bomb blew the roof off the bus
Government says it comes down to them or us
Who can you trust?
We’re so confused

Explosions rip through the Gaza Strip
There’re riots in Bombay
Desperate times breed desperate minds
So someone’s got to pay

It seems like it all hit the fan
I may live to 100 and never understand
How some can
Sleep at night

Ray took a slug in the leg
But they say he’s going to be o.k. and I hear
He just tried
To do what’s right

Matter of Time

Written By: Jim Bruno

Keep your hat on your head
Keep your eyes on the road
Always follow your heart
Or your heart will explode

Well it’s never easy
And never that clear
When you howl at the moon
And the moon doesn’t hear

We weren’t meant to discover and never will know
Why the ones that we love disappear like the snow
But I know in the end
It’s only a matter of time

Always cover your tracks
And lean into the wind
There’s no turning back
And there’s no giving in

Oh the anger comes easy
It cuts like a whip
But don’t let it in
Or it might get a grip

It can shake you and break you and take you a way
From the ones that you need for the rest of your days
And I know in the end
It’s only a matter of time

Till we sing this song together
Till the storm we share is weathered

If your vision is keen
And your senses are sharp
You can keep it together
And not fall apart

Don’t stop for a second
Don’t think of the cost
See what you’ve got
Don’t see what you’ve lost

One day they were here
And the next they were gone
But they’re still in our hearts
And they’re still in this song

And I know in the end
It’s only a matter of time

We'll Always Remember Tonight

Written By: Jim Bruno

There’re stars in the sky, ships on the bay
There’re bats in the trees and they all fly away
Past a luminous moon that wears a beret
And we’ll always remember tonight

Darling I love you I have to confess
So put on your heels and that burgundy dress
And we’ll laugh till we cry and your makeup gets messed
And we’ll always remember tonight

No hesitating
It’s getting quite late
And there’s only so much we can do
Throughout our history
Some nights are mysteries
I don’t know why but it’s true

We’ll call up our friends to come sing a song
And we’ll sing about love that went right or went wrong
Tell stories ‘bout places and people long gone
And we’ll always remember tonight


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The following are cuts that Jim's written or co-written:

Shawn Colvin: No Friend to Me & I'm Talking to You (both released on Fast Folk Records)

Mary Lou Lord: On the Avenue (released on Sony Records) and I'm Talking to You (released on Kill Rock Stars)

Chuck Prophet: West Memphis Moon (released on New West Records)

Thad Cockrell: Take in the View (released on Yep Roc Records)

Cliff Eberhart: On the Avenue (released on Fast Folk Records)

Laurie MacAllister: Me and My Michael & This Falling in Love