Jim Bush

Jim Bush

 Mansfield, Ohio, USA

Red-hot rockabilly, 50’s in construction, with modern era energy, Jumpin’ at The C’mon Inn are 11 tunes executed with verve and skill. Timeless music! - Phil Rainone, Jersey Beat
Step back in time and enjoy! - Johan/Stockholm Stoner, The Country Startpage
I love his sound. Jim Bush has a sound that’s all his own. Buy this cd! - Tom Barstow, Sound Machine Radio
This record is remarkable. Great sound, vibrant, rockin’ original. - Peter Hay, TwinVision
It’s rare as a music writer to find s


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“Jumpin’ at The C’mon Inn,” voted by Amazon.com as one of “The Hot New Releases of 2010.”
“Jumpin’ at The C’mon Inn,” is being played on 40,000 TouchTunes jukeboxes across The U.S., Canada and Mexico.
“Jumpin’ at The C’mon Inn,” receiving airplay on over 200 U.S. radio stations and broadcast in 220 countries around the world.
“What You See In Me,” now has over 15,000 views on YouTube.
“Jim Bush/Jumpin’ at The C’mon Inn,” now in its’ second pressing, is distributed in The U.S., United Kingdom, France, Japan, Russia, Colombia, Canada and Germany.


What You See In Me

Written By: Jim Bush

What You See In Me
words and music by Jim Bush

You sent me to the store for groceries
I blew it gamblin’ with the boys
And came home when I pleased

You say no, baby no
Your growins’ up gotta, gotta
Gotta long way to go

Then there was las sunday
You brought the ladies home for tea
Your church group caught me in my underwear
Watching football on t.v.

And they said no, baby no
Your growins’ up gotta, gotta
Gotta long way to go

Maybe someday I’ll become the man
You want me to
But I can see me in twenty years
Still doin’ what I do

‘Cause I said no, baby no
My growins’ up gotta, gotta
Gotta long way to go

Breathe out
Breathe in
I know sometimes, pretty baby
I get under your skin
(put the skillet down)

I don’t know what you see in me (4)

©2010 Phantom Jive Music(BMI)


Jumpin' at The C'mon Inn (2010)
Second Sun(1997)
Press The Flesh(1992)
Fire & Skye(1987)

Set List

Not Fade Away Ghost House
I Got Some Drinkin’ To Do Suzie Q
Traveling Song Lana
Secret Agent Man Circus Boy
Pretty Woman Miserlou
I’ll Cry Instead Wicked Game
The Reason Why Mustang Sally
Blue Moon of Kentucky What You See In Me
When Will I Be Loved Matchbox
Slow Down C’mon Everybody
What You See In Me Angels Calling
Hootchie Cootchie Man Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
Walk Don’t Run
Rave On
I’m A Believer