Jim Carey

Jim Carey


An ecclectic mix of rock and singer/songwriter music with a focus on the piano and a great vocal.


Minnesota Music Award Nominee Jim Carey started playing piano at age 9 at the suggestion of his grandparents. After finding his voice and starting a band with his brother Joe, the St. Paul native began writing songs and learned to play guitar, bass, and drums – all before the age of 15. After a year of playing in his first band, Jim and Joe moved to Rochester with their family and started a new band there, while continuing to write songs and hone a developing craft. Following 2 years of music study at the collegiate level, Jim put together a professional band and started playing in clubs. Since then, he has recorded with Neal Schon, and Ross Valory (both of Journey fame), along with Emmy Award Winner: Jon Close, Doobie Brothers’ producer: Marty Cohn, and REM producer: Don Dixon. He also fronted the St. Paul successful band Loft, and followed that with the sibling group The Careys, performing again with his brother Joe and adding their sister Jessica. At present, he sings regularly for radio IDs and commercials, plays over 200 dates a year throughout America, Europe and Mexico, and has shared the stage with Jonny Lang, Brad Paisley, and Martin Zellar. His first full-length solo CD, Juliet Avenue, was released in August 2002. Jim was also honored to be nominated for a Minnesota Music Award in 2006 (Best Piano/Keyboard Player). Currently, Jim is very happy to be performing all around the Midwest as the back-up singer/keyboard player for G.B. Leighton, while also doing some solo piano/vocal shows in the Midwest and in London.



Written By: Jim Carey

If I go blind
I won't be afraid
You're in my mind
You'll never fade
Cuz I remember
Yes I remember

And you will never ever change
You will always be the same
You're an old flame
An old flame
Yeah I carry a torch for you

You, my friend,
Please don't regret
Anything you've been
I'll never forget - cuz I remember...

All You Want

Written By: Jim Carey

Like a new spring day
You can bring a new breath that's good for breathing
And the room fills up with light
I can open my eyes, so good for seeing
But it's like looking through a wall
I'd give you anything you want, but you don't want it all

All you want is part of me
But not enough to turn a key
How can I open my door
When all you want is nothing more

You like to laugh
You like adventurous communication
I'll give you that because it's what you like
And that's your motivation
And I am keen to all your latest trends
But when I want to give you more that's where it ends
Cuz it's me that you haunt
I'll give you anything you want

Far Gone

Written By: Jim Carey

I digress from myself and I
Fall slowly to the floor
Tripped over my life
What have I done now
What am I doing
I am lost but the answer's brewing
I'm here to learn from mistakes on the tracks I've laid
I should be wise by now with all that I made

I'm so far gone
I am searching
I'll look from night until the dawn
I digress
And I am so far gone

Spent 20 years growing
And 5 more getting up off the floor
Look at where I am now
What do I do this for
I throw myself into dreams
Thought I had that inner knowing
Where are those dreams right now?
Should it be the towel I'm throwing?


Loft, Sky 1998
Loft, Pavement 2000
Jim Carey, Juliet Avenue 2002
Romanticide, A Year of Mondays 2007

Set List

A mix of originals and covers for a full night. For a 60 - 90 minute set, all original.