Jim Chorley

Jim Chorley

 Winchester, England, GBR

Down to earth honest songs of Love, Life, death and Crop Circles!


I am an Acoustic/Folk, Singer/Songwriter from Southampton now living near Winchester U.K
My music ranges from sing along Sea Shanties to Bluesy Ballads to Soulful Folk with even a song about Crop Circles thrown in for good measure...( My Dad "Dave Chorley" and his friend "Doug Bower" were responsible for the crop circles around Winchester and Wiltshire in the late 1970s early 80s)

The D.I.Y ethos of Two Tone and Punk were early influences and inspired me to pick up a Guitar and write about my own experience...Also 70s Reggae made a lasting impression and although cannot be heard directly, still permeates my creative process...as does Soul,Folk,Country, Hip Hop and on and on...
I play regularly and have supported a number of Artists including the Folk Legend Martin Carthy, 60s Folk singer Julie Felix and Paul Simmonds of The Men They Couldn't Hang...I have also played at Folk Festivals and clubs and acoustic evenings....



Written By: Jim Chorley

Down beneath the April Skies
Come shower first of Spring
Warm within your shelter
Beneath your Mothers wing
Pressed against her feathered breast
Safely out of sight
cradled in the dark nest
Where all is soft and quiet...

For you were born to sail across the sky
your wings they were born to fly...

Standing on the precipice
With only air below
Miles and miles of green fields, Sun setting gold
Time has come to leave this place
and all you've ever known
Don't look behind, look straight ahead
and go....

Words and music
Jim Chorley
Copyright 2011

St Michael's Square

Written By: Jim Chorley

1, Meet by the old school gate...
meet me there at eight..
We'll go dancing down Bugle St
where the angels fly around our heads...

Chorus, Put a feather in your hair
on St Michael's Square
I'll fall in love with you there
On St Michael's Square

2, We'll sit upon an old brick wall
and you hold me like I've never been held before
you're like a sonnet in my soul
like a story I've been told


Instrumental section


Words and music
Copyright Jim Chorley

Falling Feathers

Written By: Jim Chorley

1, I was born in the forest, on a moonfilled night,
when my father first held me,
There were eagles in the sky..
So he named me falling feathers,
For like an Eagle I am free,
We have lived here forever, beneath these trees...

Chorus, In summertime we ride
across the open plains...
wind in our hair and in our veins....

2, Are the songs our Fathers taught us,
of our place within the world,
our sister is the sunshine,
our Mother is the Earth....
Always we remember, from where it was we came..
we are Buffalo and Brown Bear...
All is all the same...


3, There's snow upon the Pine cone,
Ice thick in the creek,
We'll stay here for the winter,
Until we hear the spring....
Thaw the frost from the flowers.
Warm the blood in our skin,
We'll return to the grasslands...
When the skies are blue again...


4, I was born in the forest,
On a moonfilled night,
When my Father first held me....
There were Eagles in the sky

Words and music
Jim Chorley
Copyright 2011

The End of the Show

Written By: Jim Chorley

Baby baby let those wounds heal
Don't pick them just so you can feel
You better let those sleeping dogs lie
Or else you'll get bitten then baby your'e gonna cry...
Your'e gonna cry now....cos...

Chorus, Now we're over, well don't you know
Curtain come down, lights went out...
and it's the end of the show

If you put nothing in then nothing you'll be taking away
You never listened to a word the wise man said
Too busy thinking about yourself
I'm tired of thinking 'bout no one else....
I aint thinking about you baby...cos


Good mood, bad mood baby I just don't care
I'm sick of juggling eggshells in the air
If by now it aint obviously clear
It's time I got the hell outta here...
Aint it time I was leaving...cos

Chorus to fade....

words and music
Jim Chorley


"All in Good Time" (one take, one track recording of 10 of my songs)