Jim Cutler Quartet

Jim Cutler Quartet


The Jim Cutler Quartet performs original music along with a mix of jazz standards, featuring swing, bebop, Latin jazz and fusion. A lively, high energy group pleasing audiences since 2000. - "I have no doubts that [they] could appeal to a wider national audience." - Michael Gladstone, All About Jazz


Jim's style is best described as straight ahead, mainstream acoustic jazz. He's been influenced by many jazz greats; names you'd expect to hear like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis, and also more contemporary artists like Lew Tabakin and Phil Woods. Matt Collar of All Music Guide states that Jim's style is "…reminiscent of '60s-era Sonny Rollins" while Michael Gladstone of All About Jazz says "…his tenor styling is lyrically in the Scott Hamilton mode." What's certain is that Jim has created his own style and sound that can be appreciated on many levels.

Brian Olendorf, a versatile pianist and composer, composed and had performed a ballet at the age of 18, and has been playing professionally for over 30 years in many musical styles and situations, including jazz, classical, shows and rock settings.

Phil Demaree has been playing bass for over 25 years. A native of Boulder, Co, he attended the University of Northern Colorado under Gene Aitken. He spent several years touring the US and Canada, and now plays and sings regularly in several Seattle area groups. Recently, Phil has begun arranging choral pieces for the Seattle Choral Company, including "Santa Through the Swing Years," which was performed for the first time in SCC's Christmas 2004 concert.

Chris Monroe has performed with a wide variety of artists and has performed with the national tours of City of Angels, Victor/Victoria, Titanic, Ragtime and Saturday Night Fever. He toured the Midwest and Northwest with the New York touring production of Porgy and Bess and performed on Broadway with Do Jump Extremely Physical Theater. A veteran of many local jazz groups and theater shows, Chris can be heard on numerous TV and radio commercials, and the film soundtracks of the Newton Boys, Dennis the Menace strikes again and Barney's Big Adventure.

Each of the members of the Jim Cutler Quartet have performed separately with a wide range of nationally recognized artists, including Ray Charles, Dionne Warwick, Joe Williams, Diane Schur, and Bob Hope.


For Real
2003 - Pony Boy Records/Jamco Music

"No doubt, the Jim Cutler Quartet makes the venues come alive wherever they play... For Real showcases a saxophone quartet that obtains obvious enjoyment from the music it plays and communicates that fun and feeling to their listeners in a fine recording." - Don Williamson, JazzReview.com

"...one of the sharpest new releases I've heard in quite some time." - Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger (Seattle, WA)

"I was glad to add such a cool CD to our rotation." - Dan Turner, Program Director, KJLU Radio (Jefferson City, MO)

JCQ – The Jim Cutler Quartet
2002 - Jamco Music

"…there's not a single track that doesn't hold my interest and earn my appreciation." - Shaun Dale, JazzReview.com

"This is jazz with a capital J!" - Mike Smith, SkyJazz Internet Radio
Both releases have received and are still getting both national and intertational radio play, and are featured on jazz program podcasts.

Track Listings
For Real
1. Second and Blanchard (J. Cutler)
2. For Real (J. Cutler)
3. Another New Beginning (J. Cutler)
4. Last Boat to Freedom (B. Olendorf)
5. The Schweetie (P. Demaree)
6. Norma Jeanne (J. Cutler)
7. You Go to My Head (J.F. Coots, H. Gillespie)
8. Mookie’s Secret Revenge (B. Olendorf)
9. Alan Weight Speaking (J. Cutler)
10. Twilight Dawned (J. Cutler)
11. Thumper (J. Cutler)
12. Get in the Game (J. Cutler)

JCQ - The Jim Cutler Quartet
1. The Emperor (J. Cutler)
2. Awakenings (J. Cutler)
3. Just Friends (J. Klenner & S. Lewis)
4. Prasek’s Lament (J. Cutler)
5. Keep off the Grass (J. Cutler)
6. Picking Things Up (J. Cutler)
7. Ceora (L. Morgan)
8. Joy Spring (C. Brown)
9. Autumn Mist (J. Cutler)
10. Waiting (P. Demaree)
11. Throw Me a Bone (J. Cutler)