Jim Dexter

Jim Dexter


Using his guitar prowess to weave lush musical landscapes, Jim Dexter has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.


Jim Dexter started playing guitar at age 8 and has grown as a musician ever since. Involving himself in a wide variety of musical situations over the last twenty-five years...from rock and blues to celtic and improvisational styles...he is emerging now as a songwriter with an engaging and warm sound all his own. Some of Jim’s teachers have included Susan Trump, a respected folk-singer and teacher; Don Latarski, leader of his own jazz-fusion group well-known in the Pacific Northwest; and Robbie O’Connell, the world famous Irish singer-songwriter.
Jim’s style was also irrevocably changed when he was able to spend the better part of a day with pianist George Winston, who was performing in a benefit concert for WUSB-FM in Stony Brook, New York, where Jim has been doing the Tuesday morning show for the past fourteen years and was recently voted “Least annoying Morning Show Host on Long Island” by the L.I. Voice readership. George had a guitar with him and showed Jim a non-standard tuning or two and from that point, Jim’s compositions took on a new , more focused direction.
Over the past few years, Jim has stepped out from the role of guitarist for a variety of groups, to that of singer-songwriter in his own right. Recently signed to Sonic Underground Records, his first full album release, The Road Home, will be available in the very near future.. Jamie Yarsky from the Voice said it best when he recently wrote, “The title track of this record is a perfect song. When you hear it, you will add a picture of Dexter to your home altar.”


The Road Home-due for release in 2002

Set List

2-3 45 minute sets of originals and acoustic covers