Jim Fleming

Jim Fleming


Jim Fleming is an artist who not only plays whatever he likes but feels it as well.A rare commodity these days.From bluegrass to punk rock,if the vibe is compatible, Jim plays it as if it were his own.Down come the walls,let influence ring.


Jim Fleming has been a professional musician for over eighteen years.From the day his daddy signed the affidavit to allow his sixteen year old son to play in bars till now Jim has been a guitar virtuoso beyond compare.

Recently he has joined efforts with one self-described old bar room drummer from the hills of Appalachia,and an eccentric,long haired half-bassed player from The Holy Mother's Womb,to form Jim Fleming And the Storm.

Nothing is taboo,and no good song is ignored.From George Jones to Bootsie Collins the feel is all that matters.

Currently Jim is promoting his latest album"Roses of Memory" released on Crowsong records.

It's a stunning tribute to those who have come before,and contains the original track "Black Widow".(evidently he figured the band would just mess it up so he plays all instruments himself.The band is waiting for the opportune time to correct him..)

To sum up:If you are looking for a fun,professional band for an up coming gig,they are your answer. Listen to the enclosed tracks and decide for yourself.We think you'll be impressed.And maybe just maybe,they'll get to make your night as enjoyable and unforgetful as the night Jim Morrison jammed with Jimi Hendrix.(if not no refunds available...evidently you are too uptight)

Set List

A typical setlist is composed of the following variables:
A:What Jim knows
B:What the band knows
C:What the band improvises that sounds like something they all know