Jim Fusco

Jim Fusco

 Meriden, Connecticut, USA

Jim Fusco is the musician that does it all: from all the vocals and harmonies, to all the instruments, to all the design and promotion! His blend of guitars, drums, bass, and pianos compliments his strong songwriting. You gotta hear him to believe it! One listen, and you're a fan.


Jim's love of music started in the late 80s when his father would play George Harrison, the Monkees, the Traveling Wilburys, the Moody Blues, and Tom Petty for him (instead of children's songs). Jim instantly took to this music at such a young age and knew he wanted to play music himself.

In 1992, Jim's parents bought the Beach Boys' 30th Anniversary Box Set and from that moment, Jim became the biggest Beach Boys fan in the country (under the age of 35, of course). Jim's love for Brian Wilson's melodies and harmonies inspired Jim to want to make similar music.

Jim started playing the drums in elementary school, graduating to professional lessons in high school. He loved playing the drums, but as a budding songwriter, he knew he needed to play a more melodic instrument. So, he saved up and bought an electric keyboard, which he taught himself to play.

After that, Jim taught himself the guitar- his current instrument of choice. His love for the instrument has grown into an impressive collection of guitars that he uses frequently.

When Jim started recording his own real songs in late 2000 (New Year's Eve into 2001, to be exact), he combined his new musical talents with his love for harmonies. Of course, he could only do so much on a 4-track tape recorder...

Fast-forward to present-day. Jim has released many albums and has gained critical success for his work on his own and with a band. Jim utilizes a 24-track digital recorder now and plays all of the instruments on his original songs. He prides himself on making music that sounds professional in all aspects.

Jim also started the very popular Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs series on YouTube back in 2007. He has recorded over 200 cover song videos to date and has earned over a million YouTube views! This has obviously expanded Jim's repertoire of cover songs and he feels as if he can entertain any audience with a variety of songs, both original and otherwise.

What sets Jim apart from other bands? Well, he's a one-man-band! Jim's well-rounded musical talents and ambitions make him the perfect entertainer and he's always excited to perform in front of new people.



Written By: Jim Fusco

Had you come another time, I think I'd still be right here waiting for you.

Listen for a louder sigh, and jump down runnin', come up fighting for you...

Please come through,

I need you.

Sound here right now!

Wish that I could see you looking for me! (2x)

Move around the room again, and reconsider facing out to the door.

Stretching out the truth, and then, we go for normal, standing out even more.

Bridge and CHORUS


What Left to Do?

Written By: Jim Fusco

Where do the days go when they pass?
How long will all these feelings last in me?
Jump up and you will see the starlight.
Pick up the pieces, build up to the sky.

It won't fall...

Hung up on you since I arrived,
What left to do?

Your loveliness is in the moonlight.
You're shining down from places in the sky.

Never fall...


I've seen it happen time and time again,
When love just takes you on along.
I've boarded my last ride until the end,
Never again...


Hung up on you since I arrived,
Making up words we can't define,
What left to do?

That Was the Day

Written By: Jim Fusco

I remember the day a great man told me,
The perfect girl did not exist.
I said that if I should ever find her,
I knew that I would not resist.

That was the day I met you,
That was the day you stole my heart.
That was the day I met you,
You were the one right from the start.
And that was the day I met you!
When I found out that you were true.
That was the day I met you,
Then I knew what I should do.

Right up to that day, my heart was hurting,
I never knew you'd come around.
I almost gave up all of my searchin',
Right before you turned around.



"With or Without You" LP 2001
"Roll Off My Back" EP 2002
"My Other Half" Double LP 2002
"Formula" LP 2003
"That's All...For Now" Preview EP 2003
"That's All..." Double LP 2003
"What About April 26th?" Preview EP 2005
"What About Today?" May 2, 2005
"Halfway There" April 6, 2009
"Those Around Us" January 13, 2012

All recordings available to listen to for free at http://jimfusco.com

Set List

Set list can be as long or short as needed. With over a hundred original songs to choose from many albums, Jim can play whatever suits the "mood" of the venue.

There's a great mix of ballads and fast rockers, so sets can range from acoustic to electric at any time, based on the setting.

Typical songs played at most shows are:

"That Was the Day"
"Don't Be That Way"
"Where Are We Now?"
"Break It To Me Slow"
"Can't Count on Words"
"Pack Your Love"
"Happy Tears"

Covers can also be played, upon request. Jim knows over 200 cover songs from such artists as the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, the Byrds, the Moody Blues, Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds, the Wallflowers, Paul McCartney, and more. And, Jim can easily learn to play any other song you wish!