Jim Guthrie

Jim Guthrie


Jim Guthrie is not related to Woody although he has been tempted to lie about it from time to time.


Indie-pop. Tinkering toys, swirling strings or bleeps and bloops depending on what show you catch. Jim has been constructing and deconstructing bands to play his music for the last 10 years. Sounds like: Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Steely Dan.
When he's not playing His own music he is a member of Royal City.


As Jim Guthrie:
1999 A Thousand Songs CD Threegut Records
2002 Morning Noon Night CD Threegut Reccords
2003 Now, More Than Ever CD Threegut Records
Now, More Than Ever is now available in the USA and the Philipines.

With Royal City
2000 At Rush Hour the Cars Cd/LP Threegut Records
2002 Alone At the Microphone Cd/LP Threegut/Roughtrade
2004 Little Heart's Ease Cd Threegut/Roughtrade

Set List

Set list includes songs from all 3 of his albums. Recent covers include "Ain't Got No" from the smash hit musical "Hair". "Survivor" by Destiny's Child.