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Jim Hanft

Sherman Oaks, California, United States | INDIE

Sherman Oaks, California, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos




"You think folk rock died when Bob Dylan passed his prime? Woody Guthrie would be rolling in his grave if he heard that nonsense. Folk rock is still alive, and the new artists that are starting to surface are putting it back on the map. Will folk overtake classic, punk, or even alternative rock? No. But it will bury subgenres like emo, nu-metal, noise rock, shoegaze, math rock, etc.

Take Jim Hanft for example. This Los Angeles-by-way-of-Philly singer songwriter is the real deal. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. Start by listening to China Doll. Then check out this YouTube video: Jim Hanft w/Samantha Yonack. Then, go to his MySpace page. If you’re still not satisfied, there’s no help for you. Take my word, Hanft folkin’ rocks."

-Ryan Wood, Take Me To Your Music
http://blogs.townonline.com/planetmusic/ - Wicked Local

"Birds On A Wire To Take Flight"

By Fred Mills
September 4, 2007

�13 Songwriters, 5 Cities, 1 Purpose��that�s the motto of an intriguing new compilation and accompanying concert series of up-and-coming American singer-songwriters titled Birds On A Wire, issued and produced by Birds On A Wire Music. The idea is simple: strength through unity and in numbers, and as the musical collective puts it, �We at Birds On A Wire have put together a group of songwriters who are all working together to be heard. Sharing each other's fanbases, performing each other's songs, and setting up shows nationally to strengthen our followings.�

To that end, selected performers (hailing from NYC, L.A., San Diego and Boston) who appear on the CD will be doing shows. The announced dates thus far include Sept. 4 at the Viper Room in Hollywood, October 10 at Pianos in New York and October 11 at Sweetwater in Boston.
For more details on the CD and for specifics of the concerts, consult the Birds On A Wire website.


1. "Last Night" - Gabe Duncan
2. "Touch" - Andy Grammer
3. "Backyard Waltz" - Jim Hanft
4. "Whirlpool" - Kelsey Bulkin
5. "Knocking On My Wall" - Tim McGlone
6. "French Bouquet" - Nate Thomas
7. "Keep It Together"(Live) - John West
8. "The House" - Gabe The Rothschild
9. "Bird Food" - Jake Hill
10. "How'd U Get Here" - Isaac Hayden
11. "Tin Can Call" - Jeff Conley
12. "I Can Never Get Enough Of You" - Adam Dale
13. "Lonely Evening" - John Paul

- HarpMagazine.com

"Campus Movie Fest"

We couldn't have been happier to have Jim Hanft perform at the Campus MovieFest Boston Regional Finale on April 26th, 2008. We put a lot of effort into putting on a great show for all of the students and supporters of CMF and Jim's performance was a fun, entertaining opening for our show. He's professional in every sense of the word and we'd love to have him perform at any of our future events!

We were in a bind looking for someone to open our show with fun, interesting music. We were holding out for support from a local radio station and when that didn't come through Jim stepped up to the plate 100 percent, and made us kick ourselves for not thinking of him in the first place! His music speaks to our audience, and we really couldn't have found a better fitting sound for our event. - Jessica Reynoso

"LA Artist Of The Month"

The Deli Magazine nominated Jim Hanft as the LA Artist Of The Month. Fans and users of the site voted and Jim won the voting! Check it out:

http://www.thedelimagazine.com/la/vote.php - The Deli Magazine

"Whenever I Feel Like It Music Blog - Jim Hanft"

Jim played his music around Philly and Boston and then eventually moved out to LA to pursue his dream of becoming a professional singer.
Jim is a singer songwriter that adds his own "personality" into his live performances. Over the years I saw Jim probably about 3 times on the east coast and always thought he was really good and put on a good performances. Upon moving here I looked up Jim and have gone to a couple of his shows. At both shows, I have been completely blown away. His vocals are spot on. His writing is smart, funny, sad, cute or moving, depending on the song. I have even cried at both shows in LA. Once because the song was so touching and tonight from laughing so hard.
He is a remarkable performer who really puts his heart and soul in his performance and he has a great time doing it. Tonight was no different. I went and saw Jim at Aura in Studio City, which conveniently is right down the street from my apartment. The crowd was totally in to him. He had the place laughing, singing, clapping and doing background for the Bitch song. Some songs are reminiscent of Flight of the Conchords where they are ironically smart and funny, while other songs are focused on love lost or just women that he believes are bitches. I recommend his music to anyone. Even if you hate singer-songwriter/folk music - go see him live because he is freakin hilarious.
Example: His final song was one that he said comforted him when he was sad as a kid. He then broke in to an emotional "Hero". That's right - by the man, Enrique. He even did the Spanish parts in not actually Spanish at all. The crowd at this place was kind of laid back, talking to each other, not really paying attention to the bands - but when Jim went up everyone started paying attention. Somehow Jim doesn't have a label yet, but he is going to be big some day.
Fans of Deli Magazine, which is a music centric magazine in NY and LA, voted him Artist of the Month in July - so people thankfully are starting to take notice. Now I suggest you do too. (Sidenote - my last music blog musician uh huh her was artist of the month in june).

Check out his Myspace page for a bunch of songs: http://www.myspace.com/jimhanft
My favorite of his songs are China Doll and Caffeine

Here is his web site which also plays songs:

Because I can't get enough of him, I will be seeing him again this Saturday in Hollywood. He is also on the east coast quite a bit, so check his myspace for a show in your area. I know he is playing NYC in early October.
- If That's What You're Into


Still working on that hot first release.



Born in the backwoods of Philadelphia, Jim Hanft grew up a hunter. By the tender age of 14, he realized the cruelties of killing innocent animals. He put down the gun and picked up the guitar. With the strike of the pen and the stroke of a wrist he began writing songs.

Originally Jim wrote songs to do two things: make his brother's friends laugh, and his mother's friends cry. Little did he know at the time that he was building the foundation of what would make Jim Hanft such a unique young singer/songwriter. "Laughter and pain are two very similar emotions" says Jim, "when you combine the two you make people completely vulnerable yet completely comfortable at the same time." Jim has made this philosophy part of who he is as both a songwriter and performer.

Playing throughout Southern California and in cities like New York and Boston, Jim has gained the confidence and charisma of that old guy that works at the bakery downtown.