Jim Hight

Jim Hight


Jim Hight a.k.a. Hiway Jim (or Highway Jim) plays his own music that's strummy and up-beat, his rhythmic acoustic guitar and tuneful rack harp accompany his rough around the edges yet melodic singing style and his songs are catchy, easy goin' and rootsy like back to basics Americana should be!


Folk Singer-Songwriter Jim Hight a.k.a. Hiway Jim was born in N.Y.C., played in several garage bands, moved on down to Nashville, Tennessee, worked as a songwriter/performer, took his act on the road and wound up in Bangor, Maine! His music is Alt-Country, Americana, Bluesy, Country-Folk Twang and he's released a new 6 song CD-EP called "On The Radio" available online and at any gig. Check out his website and send him an email for more info...


On The Radio

Written By: Jim Hight

1st Verse:
Do You wanna drive with the lights on low
Down a country road that we used to know
Just you and me in that ole pick-up truck
And the glow on the dial says that we're in luck

Hey, It's our song, honey dontcha know
It's On The Radio
So just hold on and baby don't let go
It's On The Radio

2nd Verse:
Hey do you wanna drive up on the ridge
We used to watch the lights from the twinklin' bridge
Turn it up and slide over here
Where the music's comin' in loud and clear

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Drivin' free, just you and me
Yeah, listenin' to our favorite ole song, On the radio

3rd Verse:
Do you wanna drive out by the lake
We used to camp all night under heaven's gate
Turn that dial and tune it in
"Cause the radio's a playin' our song again

Repeat Chorus (with 3rd line)
Yeah, it's our song by the dashboard glow
It's On The Radio

Copyright © 2005 All Rights Reserved


6 Song EP "On The Radio"

Set List

Originals plus
Bluesy Road Covers