Jim Hodgson

Jim Hodgson


I write songs about love, secret agents, and monkeys, joining equal parts heart, smarts, and laughter! I strive to entertain people with a great show, but I also bring songs that I believe in. Let's share a great experience!


Jim Hodgson was born an orphan in Alabama. He was adopted by an accountant and a chef and moved to the capital city of Mongtomery. It was only ten years later that he first discovered an old guitar in his mother's closet and started to play.

Playing all the way through junior high school, Jim joined many bands and even had his first few experiences in recording studios before he graduated high school. His first original song made it to an album his senior year!

After graduation, Jim continued playing through college and into the working world, always honing his playing and his songwriting. He gathered a great deal of stage time as a side man, opening for such bands as America and Cowboy Mouth with various bands.

All this time Jim grabbed every spare moment to write the songs that he knew he would someday release on his own record. That dream has been realized with the March 2006 release of Beep Beep Awooga, which sold out online within the first 24 hours it was released. Jim hurriedly sent a second shipment of discs to his online retailer, Awarestore, which quickly sold out a second time!

Jim is now playing venues across the country, having just completed a run of dates in the Pacific Northwest area. He brings strong songs and years of stage experience together with his artful playing to make his show memorable.

"You have to be a songwriter in the studio, but a performer on stage." He says. "Every gig is an audition!"

With influences from the Counting Crows to Mike Doughty, from the Allman Brothers to Radiohead, Jim offers a new voice with smart metaphors and modern songcraft, but remembers his southern roots.

Jim Hodgson is the guy for your ears!


Mystery Love Me

Written By: Jim Hodgson

Mystery on the doorway,
Trouble on the path.
A riddle down the stairs,
Befuddlement out back

Oh, the shutters keep the night out
But they open with the wind.
And you are
Heavy on my mind again

Shadows shape to frighten.
Bumps bump as they do.
The monster in the closet,
Thinks that the pillows smell like you.

Oh the wind holds all the clouds up.
The puddles reflect the stars,
And you are
Heavy on my mind again.

A ringing phone is a question.
Will you answer?
Are you there?
Are you lonely?
Mystery do you love me?

Distraction sent a letter.
Confusion mailed a card.
The sounds around the corner
Give gentle me a start.

Oh the roof deflects the raindrops,
And rolls them off his back,
And you are
Heavy on my mind again.

A ringing phone is a question.
Will you answer?
Are you there?
Are you lonely?
Mystery do you love me?


Beep Beep Awooga, EP, which features "Space Monkey". "Space Monkey" has been played on 99x, Atlanta's big rock station and has also seen some podcasts, along with "Solitary Dagger".

Set List

I am comfortable playing from 30 minutes to two hours. On longer shows I sometimes include select covers from artists like John Mayer and Counting Crows, but the focus is definitely my original material, not to mention putting on a great show!

I play all the songs from my EP and some new ones, including:
Hold My Calls
Space Monkey
Solitary Dagger
Mystery Love Me
Sand Stone
Kiss to Have You
I Wrote This Song To Catch Your Heart Like A Net
This Way Love
Last Real Thing