Jim Hubbard

Jim Hubbard


Acoustic rock with soul. It's all about the song here. There's no formula; each song has it's own roots in the story itself. "It Never Ends", the CD, is a compilation of stories. Original in every sense of the word.


Jim Hubbard is an accomplished Hawaii-based musician, singer and songwriter. He regularly performs in Honolulu area clubs and appears on local television and radio programs. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jim’s music is a synthesis of rock and folk influences he had growing up in his neighborhood in Flatbush. Music became what Jim describes as a religion. It was a time in music when legends were born and a generation had come of age.

A classically trained musician with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Hawaii, Jim uses his musical talent to its fullest, giving birth to a fresh folk rock and blues sound. He released "Home Is Where The Heart Is" in 1995. In 1999, Jim was awarded the Hawaii Music Award for Most Popular Folk Music Artist for his CD "The Window of Innocence." Released in January 2001, after about a year in the making, "Noisy Dreams" was Jim's third release, and was a Hoku nominee. “It Never Ends” is comprised of 8 new original songs, and for the first time, his versions of Bob Dylan’s: “All Along the Watchtower”, and John Lennon’s “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

“It Never Ends” is a collection of stories that have been written over a 6 year period. And Jim’s own latest story is his survival from cancer during this past year as he worked on his CD, and struggled with recovery from surgery and subsequent chemotherapy and radiation. Thus, emerging in a triumphant celebration of music and a new beginning.



Written By: Jim Hubbard


Isabelle has gone awry
She couldn’t land but she sure could fly
I thought it was a crazy moon
She landed in an old soft room

Isabelle was my first true love
And I was her first good drug
But she was so good to me
I just wish I could let her be

High school lovers don’t need to lie
There ain’t no reason yet to try
There’s sincerity
That a jaded world can’t see

Isabelle was my first true love
We cut our losses and we burned the rug
If I could tell her what I couldn’t see
I think I could let her be


I could still picture
The best of her and me
I wish I could have left her
In a better place to be

Isabelle just couldn’t stay
She moved on up to Ave. A
I guess I never could understand
That you go crazy in alphabet land
(Repeat chorus I)

The Story of Ladder 6 and Josephine

Written By: Jim Hubbard

The Story of Ladder # 6 and Jo

Running down a stairway that I can hardly see
I can hear the heavens rumble, they’re calling me
But I feel that we don’t belong
In this place that where we’re supposed to be

Josephine we got to hurry ourselves out of here
I can here my instincts calling out loud
And I can see that you can’t go on
So, everybody gather ‘round

And down comes a world we used to know
Choking on the innocent and everybody holding on to Jo
I pray I ain’t got too much time to go
And the sky starts to show

Climbing from darkness few of us see
With hero’s fallen but they’re not gone
And every one of us goes on
Past the pain, the anger and the grief

Josephine I never thought you’d rescue me
The grace of hero’s and of God falls upon me
I get to see my children’s eyes aglow
Telling the story of Ladder # 6 and of Jo

And we rise above the ashes you know
Praying for the innocent and everybody holding on to Jo
I thank God for another day I know
And the stars start to show

Resurrection Day

Written By: Jim Hubbard

Resurrection Day

I’ve been dreaming of a love
As seen through the eyes of you and I
And I feel the need to return
To our simple life one more time

And I said so many things I don’t mean
And I feel so much I really should say
I’m talking about this walk we’re walking
Feeling the pressure of hoping, waiting for
Resurrection Day

Can I feel it once again?
That warm sunshine from your eyes
And I believe it does change
But love like ours it never dies

And I can’t hold this in any longer
‘Cause I feel myself dying a little bit more each day
And I’m waiting on the thirteenth hour
Driving home to heaven
With the sun rise on
Resurrection Day

Take this road with me
Don’t look back

I’ve been feeling a higher love
Like never seen through the eyes of you or I
Find yourself in my arms
They’ll carry your around and never tire
On Resurrection Day

The Anti-(Folk & Hootenanny) Show

Written By: Jim Hubbard

The Anti- (Folk & Hootenanny) Show

Turn off the radio
They’ve killed it for two decades or so.
It’s been murdered slow
Resurrecting only the video

The price of fame
Is paid in full to the criminally insane
Tell ‘em all where to go
Down to the Anti- (Folk & Hootenanny) Show

Just play for fun
Aw crap I’m number 51
Guess I’ll stay till it’s done
Stagger home ‘cause the subways don’t run

Ah what the hell
Everybody’s got their CD’s to sell
Tell ‘em all where to go
Down to the Anti- (Folk & Hootenanny) Show

So go fix your funk
With a little acoustic punk
Though my song really stunk
I sell it from my Mazda trunk

The price of fame
Is paid in full to the criminally insane
Tell all where to go
Down to the Anti- (Folk & Hootenanny) Show.

Made in America

Written By: Jim Hubbard

Made in America

As the morning sun rises
And spills upon my bed
Cappuccino and a bowl of cereal
And yet another talking head

Race into the places we built yesterday
Taste the dream again before it goes away
(We’re) Made in America tell me what you got
Made in America don’t tell what you’re not

And the evening sky goes by
So fast just like our lives
There’s another generation on the move
Another legacy on the rise

Fire in the minds of the young and the changes that will come
Higher than the pain and trouble and mistakes that we’ve done
Made in America tell me what you got
Made in America don’t tell me what you’re not

Don’t follow me but do look back
Take the country don’t get fat
Walk a mile in your own shoes
Take all ours and pay your dues

Race in to the places we built yesterday
Taste the dream again before it blows away
Made in America tell me what you got
Made in America don’t tell me what you’re not


1995: Home Is Where The Heart Is
1999: The Window of Innocence
2001: Noisy Dreams
2007: It Never Ends

Set List

It depends on the venue. Our regular bar gig that we do 2-3 times a month is about half covers and half originals. We are, however, essentially an original band. Covers are always carefully chosen. Here's a set with some cover songs in it: Sets are typically at least an hour.

1. Resurrection Day (Original)
2. Every Morning (Original)
3. Whippin Post Allman Brothers Band
4. Banged Up A Bit (Original)
5. Isabelle (Original)
6. 6th Ave Heartache Wallflowers
7. Janey (Original)
8. The Whisper (Original)
9. Anytime, Anywhere (Original)
10. Can’t You See M Tucker Band
11. One Headlight Wallflowers