High energy performance, marketable look, powerful songs that stream from soft mid range rock, to upbeat alternative rock, to hard rock. Songs that are easy for people to relate to. Heartfelt lyrics, and strong guitar riffs


Jimi Falls is an intense and talented up and coming band from Chicago. Their no nonsense approach to making music comes from the bands philosophy let the music do the talking. This type of attitude has led the band to stay focused on what matters the music. Jimi Falls music has been described by its fans as an exciting journey through a spectrum of powerful in your face music Brandon James, main songwriter describes his approach to writing as, Writing music is a release, an escape you could say, that makes me look deep inside myself. The music I write has to come from the soul, it may sound clichŽ but it helps me reach inside and attack my songwriting with beautiful melody, eerie darkness and everything in between. Jimi Falls is a band whose music is distinct and enticing leaving listeners craving for more.
The band has also recently won 95.1 Wiilrock's Bandemonium 08" where they rose to the top over 200 midwest bands to become the champions of the competition. They have also gotten much radio exposure through Bandemonium including radio play of the lead single and title track "The One"



Written By: Brandon James

You never try to love me the same
Maybe that's why our love is scared
Our communication in quote is down the drain
Our eye to eye just isn't the same

You are the sweetest thing that I could ever find are you the one that's mine?
We could be beautiful if you would only try are you the one that's mine?

We sever ties over and over again
We treasure life but we're only saving ourselves
I want fullfillment and joy to rush through our veins
A scattered mess is not what i'll claim

Through Hell

Written By: Brandon James

Lost in a dream, hand in mouth livin
Scrounging for a dollar
Sleeping on a couch in D.C.
There's no heat tonight
We won't eat tonight
They're gonna try to take my last breath from me...

Hey, i'm no liar
We're walkin the wire
From a hundred story ledge
Our one desire
We're pushed to the fire
We're dancing on our way Through Hell

Caught in the madness
The small town sadness
Taking my beatings
Trying to leave
Runnin from the man with that gun in his hand
Cause I feel him creepin up on me

Hey, i'm no liar
We're walkin the wire
From a hundred story ledge
Our one desire
We're pushed to the fire
We're dancing on our way Through Hell


"THE ONE" we have received air play of our first single "THE ONE" which is our title track and another song called "Through Hell"

Set List

Our set usually just has our original songs in there but we have been incorporating more covers.

Our songs: The One, Through Hell, Shine Again, Take Me Away, Run and Hide, Bird's Eye View, Burning Red, Set You Free, Never Hold Me Down, Gone Forever, I'm Not Falling North Star, Darkness. Our typical sets are around 60 minutes. But, we have the material and have been known to play for over an hour and 15 minutes.
Covers: Neil Young-Rockin in the free world
Stone Temple Pilots-Sex Type Thing
Billy Idol-Rebel Yell
Finger Eleven-Paralyzer