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Memphis, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR | AFTRA

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR | AFTRA
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"Jimi Jamison Solo Artist Memorabilia Piece Now In Hard Rock International Collection"

Rock and Roll Icon Jimi Jamison recognized as a Solo Artist at the request of Hard Rock International donated item to their extensive collection along with some of the greatest names such as Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Eric Clapton and more.

JamisonHRCPRLog (Press Release) - Jul 31, 2011 - With a prominent and successful career spanning just over 40 years Jimi Jamison is much more than the highly recognized, talented, and former voice for Target, Cobra, or Survivor. Jamison a prominent International Recording and Solo Artist was asked to donate an item of his as a Solo Artist to Hard Rock Cafe and Hotels International Corporation which goes to the Memorabilia Curators before landing in a final home.

July 21st Jimi Jamison while in the Boston area for a sold out show donated his item to the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston - he was asked to do this at the Boston Hard Rock location as he is well received in the area and highly recognized and appreciated as a Solo Artist for his many contributions over the years to the Music Industry.

"During the past year and a half I have watched the trend around Jimi Jamison in the Boston area, which historically has been a tough market to break into. Being born and raised in the Boston I was a huge fan of his when he was with Survivor, his voice and delivery was distinct and noticed then. He is still is a powerhouse and I can see why he is getting so much well deserved attention as a Solo Artist today. Having had the chance to see him perform live recently and getting to meet and work with him, he is equally as great a performer as he is a person. " Lynn Hoffman Host Private Sessions on A & E

Donated was a black jacket with Rhinestones worn in the UK while performing in the 90's as a Solo Artist. Presently the item is in route to Orlando to the Hard Rock International Headquarters where it will be logged, and then sent on it's way. Once recorded you can find out where this item will be located by going to http://memorabilia.hardrock.com/

Jamisons next album a duets album with Ex Toto Bobby Kimball is due for release on October 14th in Europe and October 18th in North America. The "Kimball Jamison" album will include the following songs: Worth Fighting For; Can't Wait For Love; Sail Away; Chasing Euphoria; Find Another Way; Get Back In The Game; I Did Everything Wrong; Shadows Of Love; Hearts Beat Again; We Gotta Believe; Kicking And Screaming; Your Photograph.The album will be released exclusively in a glossy digipak edition featuring a bonus DVD.

Jimi Jamison is currently successfully touring to sold out audiences as a Solo Artist Worldwide and recording as well.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVWYM1_UTk4&playnext=1&li ...

- PRD Press Release Distribution

"Bobby KIMBALL and Jimi JAMISON team up for forthcoming Kimball Jamison due out in October"

“Hold the Line”, “White Sister”, “English Eyes”, “Goodbye Elenore”, “Rosanna”, “Is This Love”, “Burning Heart”, “The Search Is Over”, “High on You”, “I Can’t Hold Back”… These songs from Toto and Survivor are true musical evergreens and are still played on radio stations all over the world. Each band has sold sold millions of records, respectively and have created a legendary melodic rock sound. The soaring vocals that kept these melodies in so many fan’s minds come from two amazing singers: Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Jimi Jamison (Survivor). For the first time in their career, Bobby and Jimi have joined forces together for a “duets” album, which will see the light of day on Frontiers Records on October 14th in Europe and October 18th in North America.

“We always talked of doing something like this, musically we like the same stuff and we’ve been in the same kind of bands and when the opportunity arose we jumped on it” said Jimi Jamison. “I’ve always wanted to do a CD with Jimi because he is one of my best friends, we work well together and we have fun together” added Bobby Kimball.

The album features Kimball and Jamison’s signature vocal styles in a familiar musical environment created for them by such esteemed songwriters as Richard Page (Mr. Mister), Jim Peterik (Survivor), Randy Goodrum (Steve Perry, Toto), John Waite, Erik Martensson (W.E.T.) and Robert Sall (Work of Art), among others, and directed by the expert hands of German producer Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner, Kiske Somerville). While not exactly a “supergroup”, the Kimball-Jamison alliance is not just a one-off studio project, as the main motivation behind this album is an ongoing collaboration between the two singers who have been singing live together with the “Legends of Rock” and the “Voices of Classic Rock”, both ensembles featuring singers and musicians from very popular classic rock groups.
“Kimball Jamison” is a labour of love & friendship and is set to become a true classic among melodic rock fans.

The “Kimball Jamison” album will include the following songs:
Worth Fighting For; Can’t Wait For Love; Sail Away; Chasing Euphoria; Find Another Way; Get Back In The Game; I Did Everything Wrong; Shadows Of Love; Hearts Beat Again; We Gotta Believe; Kicking And Screaming; Your Photograph.The album will be released exclusively in a glossy digipak edition featuring a bonus DVD which includes: The Making of the Album (approx. 30 mins. documentary); Worth Fighting For (videoclip); Can’t Wait for Love (videoclip)

- Hard Rock Nights

"Eye of A Tiger Singer: Pacquiao Beats Mayweather"

Jamison accompanied Manny Pacquiao singing Survivor's hit song Eye of the Tiger during the entrance into the ring on his May 7, 2011 bout against Shane Mosley


"Kimball / Jamison. The Duet Album"

Jimi Jamison (ex SURVIVOR singer) and Bobby Kimball (ex TOTO lead singer) are joining forces together in a duet album produced by Mat Sinner from the German Heavy Metal band Primal Fear. Jimi and Bobby are currently putting their finishing touches on the recording of the lead vocals in Los Angeles, while the musical tracks have been recorded in Germany.

The songs on the album, which promises to be one of the highlights of 2011 in the Melodic Rock scene, have been selected from several songwriters including Richard Page (Mr Mister), Randy Goodrum (Toto, Steve Perry), Robert Sall (Work of Art), John Waite and more melodic rock luminaries. The release is currently pencilled for spring 2011. - Westcoast Music

"Jimi Jamison looks back to the future"

The former Survivor singer talks about his newest music venture.

Looking back through the halls of
time,when screaming fans filled
large arenas and flicked their
bics in the darkness as they waited with
anxious anticipation for their favorite
singer to take the stage in a second
round of endless hits – the singer takes a
breath and waits.
This singer, Jimi Jamison, of Survivor
fame, waited until the right moment, his
own crossroads moment, to take back the
stage with a new and powerful song list
from his latest CD Crossroads Moment
released last November.
I caught up with Jamison via email, as he
wrote from his Tennessee home where as a
young boy he discovered music and took
his cue from the King of Rock N’Roll when
he had a chance encounter with Elvis
Presley on one of his famous shopping
From that moment on Jamison found his
passion and love for music that has shaped
his life-long singing career – which found
him – without a roadmap.
“When I first started playing and singing,
I never once thought about getting paid to
do it,” said Jamison. “I never planned it as a
career and never did it to impress the girls.”
During his humble beginnings the young
man with boyish good looks would rehearse
twice a day, everyday as he put it, “with no
drudgery whatsoever” to perfect his
performance and develop his strong leading
voice that has now become the signature
sound fans around the world have come to
know and love.
“We were excited discovering this new
vein of artistry that we didn’t know was
there,” he said of his early days. “Of course,
at first we had to dig pretty deep to uncover
it but we found it and still get the same
excitement today.”
And today, Jamison’s fans still get
excited about his music.
Jamison on Crossroads
In some respect, Crossroads Moment is
the dividing line of Jamison’s career as it is
the first solo CD the seasoned artist has
recorded in a long time. But as he crosses
over to the second half of his life’s work –
he’s greeted like an old friend coming home
to the open arms of waiting fans.
Through Jamison’s MySpace, he’s been
giving his fans a sampling of his upcoming
music and the comments have been
overwhelmingly positive and up lifting as
long-time followers are excited about the
“I haven’t been visible on a national level
in quite a while,” notes Jamison. “Although
I’ve been performing everywhere for years,
the fans need something they can hold onto
to a little longer than one live show here and
And since his CD has hit the hands of
music reviewers, they too have been
singing his praises.
“Since I’ve recorded this CD I’ve had
such a great response from everyone,” said
Jamison. “The reviews have been
exceptional – this strange feeling of
excitement and being a little nervous is
starting to set in. The same feeling I get
when I know something is good and has a
great potential for success.”
According to a recent review by Rock
Eyez, Crossroads Moment is in a word,
“brilliant” as reviewer David Felix said, “I
must admit that ever since I heard this
project was in the works a little over a year
ago, I have had some high expectations
especially knowing that this album would
once again reunite Jimi with his long-time
friend, writing partner and ex-Survivor
band-mate Jim Peterik – I just never
expected anything like this. Every note –
every chord – every arrangement is sheer
The new CD is loaded with powerhouse
songs and easy rock ballads like “Lost,”
“Behind the Music” and “She’s Nothing to
Me,” that are sure to become classic hits
like “Eye of the Tiger,” “The Search is
Over” and “I Can’t Hold Back” as they each
have that familiar sound that led fans to
Jamison during his glory days with
A sure treat for listeners is the hit parade
of musicians who performed as special
guests in the recording band like Night
Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy on “Make
Me A Believer” and Jamison’s musical
peers on vocals for “When RockWas King”
like Don Barnes of .38 Special, Dave
Bickler, Survivor’s original lead singer, Joe
Lynn Turner of Rainbow, Mickey Thomas
of Starship, Mike Reno of Loverboy and
Jim Peterik.
In comparing his new album with past
records, Jamison says Crossroads Moment
is one of two favorite recordings he’s ever
done during his career. The other favorite –
Too Hot too Sleep, which he recorded with
Survivor in the late 80’s. While a now
mature Jamison admits he has grown as an
artist and grown up as a person, its taken
dozens of recordings and countless concert
performances to nail down that perfection.
“We had some very big hits and
everything became easy, but sometimes
when things get too easy you tend to get
stuck doing the easy thing and never make
it to the next level,” he said. “I hope I’ve
reached that next level with this record. I
think I have.”
As an added bonus, the CD also includes
a video that depicts many of the b - Turlock Living

"Jimi Jamison To Release Crossroads Moment On November 7th"

Thursday, 11 September 2008
Frontiers Records has announced that former Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison will release his brand new solo album 'Crossroads Moment' via the Italian label on November 7th.

"This is Jimi's first recording since his swan song as lead singer with Survivor on their 2006 release "Reach". Even upon first listen it is apparent that something almost indefinable has changed since that record. The music is more melodic and rocking than ever before harkening back to those magic days of "Vital Signs", "When Seconds Count" and "Too Hot To Sleep". Perhaps the magic ingredient here is the addition of Jamison's former Survivor bandmate Jim Peterik, who is back in the role as co-producer and songwriter. To that blend, add a Jamison more determined than ever to regain his rightful place in the echelons of great rock lead singers." a press release from the label reveals.

"I feel I have something to prove with this record. It is my chance to say that I am back with a vengeance ready to rock harder than ever. I think my new passion can be heard on every cut. Singing those great Peterik melodies and lyrics felt like coming home", says Jimi.

"Crossroads Moments" was recorded between February and July of '08 at Jim Peterik's World Stage Studios near Chicago. Behind the board is longtime Peterik collaborator Larry Millas (Pride of Lions, World Stage, Ides of March) in the capacity of co-producer and engineer. "My main goal with this record was to keep it focused to what the fans want the most - that means strong beats, inspiring lyrics and soaring melodies. I feel Jimi really hit his stride vocally as well", said Jim Peterik.

Although Peterik wrote every song on this collection, he channelled everything through Jamison's life philosophy and experience. "Sometimes Peterik and I", explains Jamison "would just get together for a beer and I'd spill out what's going on in my life. Next thing you know he would play me a song directly inspired by that conversation. "Crossroads Moment" comes to mind as well as "Can't Look Away". Jim has that knack of setting my life to music".

Variety is the touchstone here. From hard rockers in the "Feels Like Love", "First Night" style you will find sonic gems such as "Battersea" (where guitar ace Tommy Denander takes his star turn), "She's Nothing To Me" and "Love the World Away" or the powerful "Make Me A Believer" with Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy appearing as special guest. You will also hear mid-tempo treats such as "Bittersweet" (a duet with Starship singer Mickey Thomas) and "Till the Morning Comes". In the power ballad department Jimi Jamison helped write the book. Taking off from Survivor classics such as "Everlasting" and "In Good Faith" are such future classics like "Lost" and his ode to self acceptance "As Is". "When Jim first played me this one my eyes welled up with tears. I couldn't help it. It just moved me", says Jamison.

The recording band is largely Peterik alumni: Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Klem Hayes and Bill Syniar on bass, Jim Peterik, Mike Aquino and Joel Hoekstra on guitar and Christian Cullen, Jeff Lanz and Jim Peterik ..boards. Background vocals are handled by Thom Griffin (Trillion, Ambition) and Jim Peterik.

As a grand finale, they have created "When Rock Was King", a playful looking back at the rocking '80s when we all had "big dreams, big hair, big visions". Joining Jimi on this loving tribute are some of his greatest contemporaries: Don Barnes of .38 Special, Dave Bickler Survivor's original lead singer, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow, Mickey Thomas of Starship, Mike Reno of Loverboy and Jim Peterik. A video is in the works and will be included on the cd.

"Crossroads Moment" is about a man standing at the juncture of future and past: a man looking back at yesterday with bands such as Target, Cobra and Survivor, and taking all he had learned and bringing it into a brilliant future. All the good will he has built up through his career of recording and tireless touring is soon to payoff like a jackpot of success with his fan base and the countless musicians that call him friend. Jimi had come full circle. Jimi has come back home.

Final tracklisting of "Crossroads Moment" includes:
Battersea; Can't Look Away; Make Me A Believer; Crossroads Moment; Bittersweet; Behind The Music; Lost; Love The World Away; She's Nothing To Me; As Is; 'Til The Morning Comes; That's Why I Sing; Friends We Never Met; When Rock as King; Alive (European Bonus Track).

- KomodoRock.com


Greatest Hit Videos - VHS Scotti Bros Records
View videos at www.myspace.com/jimijamison

Eye Of The Tiger - iTunes

Target - Target 1976

Target - Captured 1977

Cobra - First Strike 1983

Survivor - Vital Signs 1984: Top 10 hits "The Search is Over" &
"I Can't Hold Back"
Survivor- When Seconds Count Top 10 hit with "Is This Love"
Rock IV - Top 10 hit "Burning Heart." 1986
Survivor - The Best Collection 1986

Survivor - When Seconds Count 1986

Survivor - Too Hot To Sleep 1988

Jimi Jamison - When Love Comes Down 1991

Survivor - Greatest Hits 1993

Survivor - Prime Cuts 1998

Jimi Jamison - Empires 1999

Survivor - Special Selections 2000

Survivor - Ultimate Survivor 2004

Survivor - Best of Survivor 2006

Survivor - Reach 2006:

Jimi Jamison - Crossroads Moment 2009:

Jimi Jamison - Kimball Jamison 2011


Karate Kid - 1985
Rocky IV - 1992
Lock Up
Baywatch - 1994
From Dust Till Dawn w/ZZ Top
Back To The Future Again w/ZZ Top
40 Year Old Virgin - 2005
Big Fat Liar - 2006
Kicking and Screaming 2008
Mall Cop -- 2009





Eye Of The Tiger, The Search Is Over, I Can't Hold Back, Is This Love,
High On You, Didn't Know It was Love, Ever Since The World Began
I'm Always Here (the Theme from the #1 hit TV Show Baywatch)
Burning Heart (from Rocky IV)

Continuously acclaimed as one of the all time Top Ten Male Vocalists , Jimi Jamison delivers a strong and powerful performance regardless of the venue. His released song I'm Always Here, which he wrote and performed for the #1 syndicated TV show Baywatch is certain to solidify his standing as one of the premier performers in the music industry today.

From humble beginnings in rural Mississippi to established superstar residing in Memphis, Tennessee, his achievements call to mind the other Memphis Rock and Roll Legend, whom Jimi met as a young boy while Elvis was on one of his famous shopping sprees.

Like Elvis, Jimi has never forgotten from whence he came and continues to be dedicated to benefits assisting St. Jude's Childrens Hospital, The Special Olympics, and The ARF Foundation, with Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Beginning with the nationally acclaimed band Target in the Seventies, Jimi continued his rise to stardom with Cobra through the early Eighties. In 1983, he joined Survivor as the group was to go on to enjoy 5 singles in the Top Ten, four gold, platinum, and double platinum albums and multiple movie soundtracks. His renditions of Eye of the Tiger from Rocky and Burning Heart from Rocky IV thrill concert audiences to this day. Other fan favorites include High On You, The Search is Over and I Can't Hold Back, all delivered with crisp, clean live band backup for the strong voiced Jamison. The explosive Rock Hard from Jimi's 1991 solo album, When Love Comes Down, also features the unmistakable power of Jamison's voice. In 2000, Jamison again teamed with other members of Survivor for a reunion. A tour with the bands Styx and REO Speedwagon followed. The reunion also took the band to Germany for a month-long series of concerts. Jamison would later reunite with Survivor for a tour in 2000, and he remained with the band up through the release of their new album in 2006. In 2005, Jamison was featured in the Emmy-nominated Starbucks commercial which was a parody of Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger".

On November 7th 2008 Frontiers Records released Jimi Jamison's brand new studio album "Crossroads Moment" in Europe and was just released in the US in 2009 to rave reviews.

Bobby KIMBALL (former lead singer of Toto) and Jimi JAMISON (former lead singer of Survivor) team up for forthcoming album due out in October 2011 The "Kimball Jamison" album.

In addition to his career as lead vocalist, he has also made 9 music videos and has made multiple television appearances. He has served on the Grammy Awards Committee and as a member of AFTRA, SAG and NARAS. He has performed back up vocals for recordings by ZZ TOP, Krokus, Jeff Healy Band, and numerous other recording artists. Billy Gibbons refers to Jimi as the fourth member of ZZ Top. He is a founding member of the organization Voices of Classic Rock. He has been recognized by the Govenors of Tennessee, Ohio and Arkansas for his work on and off the stage and he commands a loyal and dedicated following appearing at each of his concerts.