Jimi Kill

Jimi Kill

 DeLand, Florida, USA

JIMI KILL is one of the most intriguing, and dynamic groups in the business today. You have to see it to believe it!


JIMI KILL, featuring James Killgallon, former lead guitarist of No Circus, is simply cutting edge contemporary rock and roll. The band is all about the music, with powerful instrumentals and original songs that touch the heart and soul. Fans that loved the unique stage presence and guitar style of Killgallon will be thrilled to see him back with the powerful rhythms of Anthony Manzo and Chris Pratile.

James Killgallon's unique guitar style and vocals have won him high praise from critics and musicians alike. Performing at his first industry music festival when he was just 14, JamesÂ’ talent was recognized by Gibson Guitars and he was endorsed as a Gibson artist. His unique finger picking style along with his soulful approach to playing has won him multiple accolades including Best Guitarist by The Orlando Weekly and Guitarist of the Year by the Songwriters Showcases of America.

The songs performed by JIMI KILL range from rock influenced compositions that make you want to push the volume to ten to smooth pop sounds evoking melodic imagery. Kicking out the jams big time, the genuine talent of this trio attracts fans of all ages and brings them coming back for more.


Album: No Circus - Head on Face First
EP: No Circus - Continued

Set List

A JIMI KILL set list is usually written to mesh with it's environment. We keep it fresh with over 4 hours of performance material.