Austin, Texas, USA

Smokin' harmonica player, award-winning songwriter and performer. Sings and plays harmonica and guitar simultaneously. His dynamic sound radiates an energy that moves the audience; original music you can feel. Excellent entertainer, a real experience.



Harmonica ace JIMI LEE has pulled stints in San Francisco, Hawaii, and now Austin, Texas. LEE’s harp work is beyond reproach; he’s all over the place, slipping in quick, sharp fills and taking high-fly-ing solos that build to the stars.
--Jeff Calvin, Blues Revue magazine

JIMI LEE -- Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar,

JIMI LEE is a smokin’ harmonica player, award-winning songwriter and performer. His dynamic vocals and searing harmonica solos have been turning heads for quite a while earning him great reviews and ‘pre-legendary’ status in the Austin music scene. Over the years, JIMI has ignited stages alongside giants such as Muddy Waters, Bobby Blue Bland, John Lee Hooker, Willie Nelson, Clarence Clemons, Stephen Stills, Coco Montoya, Pinetop Perkins, Charlie Musselwhite, James Cotton, Kim Wilson, Mark Hummel, Jason Ricci, and Chicago’s own “shuffle master” Sam Lay.

JIMI LEE grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. After relocating to Hawaii, he spent 12 years captivating audiences from around the world and was voted Best In the State by the Hawaiian Blues Society. He now resides in Austin, Texas where the Austin Blues Society awarded him First Place in the Solo/Duo category at the Heart O’ Texas Blues Challenge 2008, and was first to represent Austin at the Blues Foundation International Blues Challenge 2009 in Memphis. Austinites have chosen JIMI LEE to represent Austin again this year, at the 23rd International Blues Challenge, which will be held in Memphis January 20th - 23rd, 2010.

JIMI was awarded First Place in Blues in 2008 by the Austin Songwriters Group for his song “Pocket Full of Soul”. This followed his 2006 win with “Laundromat” and his 2005 win with “Where Are You Tonight”. The 2005 contest was held by Austin Songwriter Group and Nashville Songwriters Association International. It was a big First Place win for JIMI LEE. He went on to win even more that year with a First Place in the Pop category with “I Wanna Kiss You So Bad”, and Third Place in Blues Rock with “Cheap Thrills”.

The Austin Chapter of the Harmonica Organization of Texas declared JIMI LEE “one of the best in the world” at playing harmonica in the rack and guitar simultaneously. The 2008 spring issue of Harmonica Happenings magazine featured JIMI in an article entitled “Rack ‘Em Up! Playing Harp In A Neck Rack: A Q&A With Jimi Lee”.

JIMI has performed at the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica at the Harmonica World convention every year since his first appearance in 2003. Harmonica World convention leaders say’ “Jimi is part of the tradition.” JIMI LEE has traveled the country as harmonica coach and guitarist for Jon Gindick’s Harmonica Jam Camp.

JIMI shares USA endorsement’s for Seydel Harmonicas with James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite, Howard Levy and Mark Hummel. He also endorses the Hetrick Harmonica Case and Lone Wolf Blues Company harmonica pedals.

JIMI’s sound radiates an energy that moves the audience. You can feel the music as he belts out his original songs. JIMI LEE is a real experience you will want to have again and again.



Written By: Jimi Lee

Well it’s early in the morning and there ain’t no doubt
It gave me no warning all my lucks run out
I got no money and no food to eat
I got dirty clothes and I got dirty feet

Down at the Laundromat oh my my my
It cost a dollar to wash and fifty cents to dry

I started playing my guitar they probably think I’m a nut
I know I’m not a star but can ya spare a buck
I might be here until the day I die
I need fifty cents for a box of Tide

Down at the Laundromat oh my my my
It cost a dollar to wash and fifty cents to dry
Oh my my my my

Hey I heard some woman holler hey that’s my machine
I got ring around the collar and I got dirty jeans
She said hey Mister you better back off
And then she took a shot at me with spray and wash

Down at the Laundromat oh my my my
Down at the Laundromat oh my my my yeah
It cost a dollar to wash, fifty cents
A dollar to wash and fifty cents
A dollar to wash, fifty cents to dry
Yeah baby it’s my dirty laundry
Oh washing those clothes yeah

Pocket Full Of Soul

Written By: Jimi Lee & Steve Callif

My Mama gave me my first mouth harp
And then the Blues took control
I hit the road with my tin sandwich
Got my pocket full of soul

From Sonny Boy to Sonny Terry
Jimmy Reed and Slim Harpo
Junior Wells and Little Walter
Filled my pocket full of soul

Pocket full of soul, pocket full of soul
Gotta let it rock, gotta let it roll
My Harpoon’s always with me
No matter where I go
I got my Mississippi saxophone
Got my pocket full of soul

Down at the Crossroads to Chicago
No matter how the four winds blow
My hobo harp never fails me
Bless my pocket full of soul


One chord Groove

© By Jimi Lee
& Steve Callif


Pocket Full Of Soul ~ (Award Winner) 2008
Bridging The Gap ~ 2007
Laundromat ~ (Award Winner) 2006
Jimi Lee In The Rack I & II ~ Compilation Album 2006
I Wanna Kiss You So Bad ~ (Award Winner) 2005
Where Are You Tonight ~ (Award Winner) 2005
Workin' Too Hard - 2001

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Blues, R&B, Jazz, Original Music & Classics. One Hour Sets.