Jim Jones' Cordial Company

Jim Jones' Cordial Company


Combining brutality, technicality and melody to create a sound that can only be described as sonic destruction.


J.J.C.C. is an energetic metal band that blend fast riffs, brutal breakdowns, abstract rhythms, melodic meltdowns and creamy licks that will make you want to jive. Once lost souls that were forsaken in Guyana, they have been re-incarnated into 5 teenaged white boys and sent back to tell the real story of Jonestown. Unless these subliminal messages placed in their music are heard by the world their souls will be damned to eternal anguish. J.J.C.C. offer many different flavours while still staying true to the genre.


AMPED09 Compilation CD
3 Track EP (yet to be titled)

Set List

Jonesing for a Cup
Take a Bullet
Cyanide Surprise