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To Be A Dog

Written By: Jim Liberato

To Be A Dog

I’m just a man a simple man
I don’t buy into the expensive plan
I love my kids I adore my wife
We both prefer the simple life
And we got this dog who just lays there licking on himself

We bought a house kind of late in life
I found a job that pleases my wife
I used to swim against a self serving tide
Got with the program and stopped wasting my time
And that dog he still laying there licking on himself

I’m just a typical guy who used to get high
Barely able to keep it all together
When all else fails then I’ll read the instructions
Everything in life requires a little production
And some times just sometimes
I wish I were my dog
Just licking on myself

Two kids two cars and a garage full of stuff
I’d like to say that that’s quite enough
My Mother-in-Law lives in the very next room
She flew in one night and just parked her broom
Now that dog he’s in her room just a licking on himself

Words and Music by Jim Liberato