Jim Luke

Jim Luke

 Forest Grove, Oregon, USA

I have fun, sing-a-long, party songs! I also have some comedy songs and love songs...even comical love songs.


Goal: To get my songs placed with artists/bands or in movies, tv, commercials.

I grew up in a family of musicians and began playing drums at an early age. I've logged hundreds, if not thousands, of hours playing in bars. Now I'm concentrating on songwriting.

I enjoy nearly all genres of music. Some of my favorite songwriters and musicians are: Jeffrey Steele, Diane Warren, Kent Blazy, Darrell Scott, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Nickelback, Pink Floyd, Norah Jones, Eminem, Brian Ferry, Don Henley, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. The list can go on-and-on.

What sets me apart:
I try to paint a colorful picture with each song, and I especially enjoy fun/funny songs. I also like catchy lyrics and melodies.


Dear Beer

Written By: Jim Luke

Dear Beer
© 2005 James E. Luke

When we first met, I was twenty-two.
Happy hour at The House of Blues.
You looked so good that night we met.
And when we kissed it was wild and wet.
Everyone said I was too young.
But I knew that you were the one.

Dear Beer, I want to hold you all the time.
Dear Beer, you’re always on my mind.
Dear Beer, you make me feel so fine.
Dear Beer, I’m lucky that you’re mine.

I fell head over heels for you.
I wasn’t quite sure what to do.
Your dark tan was so darn pretty.
You made me laugh; you made me dizzy.
My stomach was tied into knots.
My head was spinnin’, I was seeing spots.


My love was bottled up for many years.
Now it’s filled with many cheers.
I had so much to say, wasn’t sure where to start.
Thank you for letting me pour out my heart.

Chorus (2x )

“I love you so much”

Rev It Up

Written By: Jim Luke

Rev It Up
© 2008 James E. Luke

Skid plate, push bar,
nitrous oxide, turbo charged.
chrome wheels, lift kit,
tinted windows, fully tricked.
chest shakin’, head turnin’,
racing fuel, rubber burnin’
Hot Rod, CycleWorld,
biker babes, and trophy girls.

I like to feel the power.
I have a need for speed.
I like a screamin’ engine.
And flyin down the street.
Rev It Up. Rev It Up. Rev It Up.

Sand dunes, mud pits,
circle tracks, and drag strips.
Supercross, tractor pulls,
monster trucks, outta-control
motorcycles, 4 wheel drives,
speedboats, I come alive
If it has a motor, I’ll take it for a spin,
racin’ around with a big fat grin


We have grease on our hands from the work that we’ve done.
Now it’s time to have a little fun.
People have come from all over the place.
It’s time for the show. It’s time for the race.

Skid plate, push bar,
nitrous oxide, turbo charged.
chrome wheels, lift kit,
tinted windows, fully tricked.
chest shakin’, head turnin’,
racing fuel, rubber burnin’
Hot Rod, CycleWorld,
biker babes, and trophy girls.

Chorus (2x)

Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis

Written By: Jim Luke

Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis
© 2005, James E. Luke

Been day-dreamin’ the entire day
of tropical islands…far away.
Drink in my hand and girls all around.
Oh, it’s time to be…vacation bound.

I’m headin’ to the beach, where it’s warm and breezy.
Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis.
I’m gonna change my life and take it easy.
Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis. Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis.

There’s an airline ticket in my hand.
Goin’ where the ocean…meets the land.
Play all day and party all night.
Oh man, it will be…out of site.


The sun will set, but the fun will go on.
We’ll keep going ‘til the break of dawn.
Sing some songs with my flat-top guitar.
We’ll dance the night away….under the stars.


We’ll get our feet wet. We’ll get sand between our toes.
It’s getting hotter & hotter. We better shed some clothes.

Chorus (2 x)

I Still Love Him - with guest Karen Jackson

Written By: Jim Luke

I Still Love Him
© 2007, James E. Luke

I did all I could, to keep us in love
But I guess what I did, was not enough
I’m lost for words and my feelings are numb
I still don’t understand how we came undone, how we came undone.

Now I’m sittin’ stunned in disbelief,
but it’s time that I face the facts.
I still love him
but he doesn’t love me back

I tried to move on but I keep thinking about him.
And how I’ll never feel that kind of love again.
I wish I could go back and change this cruel world
Back to the time when I was his girl…I was his girl.


Now, I’ve hardened my heart, and I’ve lost my faith.
I’ve never fallen so hard, with tears on my face.
I told my friends, it felt like I died
Cause if I’m not in love, then I’m not alive….I’m not alive.

Chorus (2x)

Why do I love him…
when he doesn’t love me back….
he doesn’t love me back.

Angel That Fell

Written By: Jim Luke

Angel That Fell
© James E. Luke

Now I may cuss and I may fight.
I might party ‘til the morning light.
I’m just living it up in this land of the free.
So what if I smoke and what if I drink.
I really don’t give a damn what you think.
I’m gonna live my life the way I please.

Yeah, I was born to raise a little hell.
Mama said I cried the rebel yell.
I was born to raise a little hell.
Mama said I was angel that fell.

I like to play my music loud.
And I like to run with the wild crowd.
I’ve got guts and I’ve got grit.
I like girls who show their skin.
I’m not afraid of little sin.
What you see, is what you get.


Don’t try to save me or preach to me.
I’m prefer with reality.
You say I’m cold, but that’s how I play
I don’t break the rules, I just raise the bar.
I’m immune to the pain, and the battle scars
You can come along, or get out-of my way.

Chorus (2 x)


• "In Love Again" is in the short film "Reunion" by 13 Worth Remembering Productions, Los Angeles, CA. http://www.myspace.com/13worthremembering.

• "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" is in the motorcycle documentary "Get Lost: Oregon" by MotoVenture Films, Portland, Oregon. http://motoventurefilms.com.

• "Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis" is in the indie movie "Get Lost: Baha" also by MotoVenture Films. Visit http://motoventurefilms.com or http://getlostbaja.com.

• "Remember" is scheduled to be in the indie movie "The Fixer" by Raven Film Productions, Chicago, IL. http://ravensfilm.com or http://www.myspace.com/ravensfilm.