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Jim McNeil

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Singer-Songwriter think; Bruce Cockburn meets Dan Fogelburg at a Bruce Hornsby concert and they drive home listening to Joni Mitchell, The Band, Tony Rice and Joe Walsh


Singer/Songwriter Jim McNeil draws from a number of diverse sources, from New Grass to Jazz and from Bruce Cockburne to Joni Mitchell. His compositions have been honored at several songwriting contest; Merlefest, Kerrville NewFolk, Mountain Valley and Telluride to name a few. His work has been recorded by upcoming bluegrass/newgrass artist "Daybreak" and has been included on the compilation cd "Acoustic Chill" alongside works by David Gray, Paul Simon, Nickel Creek and Cassandra Wilson. He has shared the stage with B. B. King, Tony Rice, and Ricky Skaggs. His newest album "Give me my Wings" will be released in the first quarter of 2005 features his subtle acoustic guitar work and pointed lyrics in a jazz/folk setting with some of New Orleans finest jazz musicians. Contact Jim McNeil POB 1472, Laurel, MS 39441 or telephone 601-649-1334 or by email jmcneil@c-gate.net


Goodbye Michelle

Written By: Jim McNeil

Goodbye Michelle Jim McNeil

Goodbye Michelle,
Ten long years it took for me to find
A woman that could love you from my mind
To make that knot you tied in me unwind

Goodbye Michele,
There were time I thought I knew you well
The classic portrait of a southern belle
We were just a passing thing as far as I could tell

Things we said, I can hear I love you whispering from
Once upon a time
Holding you, I remember holding you so tightly
Once upon a time
Yes once upon a time Michele we tried to make a start
But time it changes everything in matters of the heart
In these matters of the heart

Goodbye Michele,
Do you think the times we shared were all worthwhile
I wondered until I had reconciled
I was just a victim of your smile

Goodbye Michele
For you a strange sort of love remains
Though all these years it’s kept my heart in chains
I’ll admit it’s with me just the same


Give me My Wings

Written By: Jim McNeil

Give Me My Wings
Jim McNeil

Guess I gotta get myself some rest; everybody here needs a break sometimes
Hell even God use to get Sunday off, but that was long before our time
You tell me I’ll be riding on the glory train, to take me to the mansion when I die
But I don’t want to leave here before my time

My heart says God, give me my wings
I’ve done my trip, now I wanna touch those shiny things
I won’t wait here, waiting on some bell to ring
Oh my God, give me my wings

Doubt and dark the shadows mark, a line she drew twenty years ago
Chance and choice, such and endless voice, the past come back like a dull echo
What if, what then, should I could I, pounding like a toothache in her soul
It ain’t so easy just to let it go

But I say God, give her those wings,
The past can’t fly where she’s gonna wear those shiny things
Where angels walk, you bring the best that you can bring
Oh my God, give her those wings

Fly away, so high away
So far so fast so free
One little touch, one little wish is all I’m asking
Please, please,please

Try to grab some of that magic stuff, put it in your pocket for a rainy day
That liquid gold will line your soul, might make sense to you along the way
Inch by inch, step by step; friend your doing fine
Just keep walking that narrow line

My heart says God, give me my wings
Done my job, now I’m reaching for the brassy ring
Can’t stop now, still got some songs to sing
Oh, my god give me my wings,
Oh dear God, give me my wings

Copyright Jim McNeil , Front Porch Music/ASCAP 2001 2005


I am currently working on a new cd, called
Give Me My Wings

Set List

Mostly originals, two 1-hour and fifteen minute sets