Jim McNeil

Jim McNeil

 Laurel, Mississippi, USA

Joe Walsh meets Bruce Cockburn and Joni Mitchell runs into Dan Fogelburg, The Band, Pierce Pettis, Mac McAnally and Michael Hedges. My songs have been featured on albums with Nickel Creek, David Grey, Linda Rondstat and Cassandra Wilson


Mississippi based Singer-Songwriter Jim McNeil keeps adding to his impressive list of accomplishments. His Jazz-tinged, Folk/Rock sty lings are rooted in traditions as diverse as those of Bruce Cockburne, Sting, Dan Fogelburg and the Band. New Web site under construction at http://www.slab500.com/jmcneil

· Released his second solo album "Give Me My Wings"
· His compositions have been featured alongside songs by Sting, Nickel Creek, Paul Simon and David Grey on the compact disc Acoustic Chill
· Had his song "Catch Me When I Fall" recorded and released by the up and coming bluegrass band DAYBREAK
· Won the 2002 MOVA Songwriting Awards
· Won the 1999 Chris Austin Songwriting Competition
· Finalist in 1999 Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Competition
· Showcased at 1999 LMNOP Music Conference
· Finalist in 1999 Chris Austin Songwriting Competition
· Selected Five Times to perform at the Kerrville Folk Festival's prestigious "New Folk" concerts
· Shared the bill with John Prine, B.B.King, Roger McGuinn and Gary P. Nunn
· Released his solo album "Slow Circles"
· Released a children's album "KidFolk" as a member of the group Lincoln County
· Released "A Christmas Album", a CD of instrumental guitar favorites
· Recorded with Edgar Meyer, Jerry Douglas and Mark O'Connor
· Has had his compositions performed on the Nashville Network
· Been a "Music City News" songwriter's contest award winner
· Been a featured contributor to Campus Activities Programming magazine
· Performed at the "Bluebird Cafe", Nashville's famous songwriters venue
· Showcased at the Carolina Community College convention
· Performed at festivals, colleges and clubs throughout the South


You're Alive

Written By: Jim McNeil


Out here this morning the wind in the trees
carried me back through the past
to winters when girls all had rosy red cheeks
and time didn't fly by so fast

Back in my life through a side door she came
some do get finer with age
both of us tied now with life's heavy lines
both of us needing a change

So how do you tell if a feeling is worth it?
The nighttime will tell if my heart can survive.
Back into bed I go looking for promises
at least if I'm dreaming, I know I'm alive

trapped in a castle my own hands are building
faithfully tending my cage
I guess I'm not trapped, see I wanted to be here
I just grow more fickle with age

Play with the words and dance round the circumstance
where will these images lead
For just one more taste of some time sweetened tenderness
one more is all that I need

So how do you know of a feelin is worth it?
What do you do if the passion won't die
Let yourself float down this river of tenderness
At least if your dreaming, you know you're alive

Here with the sameness, now c omes the numbness
and soon my old heart will be blind
so pour something wet and hot right down my soul
before I start losing my mind

The scenerys painted, thestage has been set
and the actors they all know their lines
but the world has her own way of writing the ending
and we never know her designs

So how do you tell if the living was worth it?
What little thing keeps your spirit alive
Closing your eyes you give in to your slumbers
at least if your dreaming, you know you're alive


Newest CD "Give Me My Wings", other releases, Slow Circles. Jim' s song "Catch Me When I Fall"s included on the album "Acoustic Chill" released in 2004 with songs by other artist including: David Grey, Linda Rondstat, Paul Simon, Nickel Creek, The Indigo Girls, DayBreak and Cassandra Wilson; on the Village Square Label

Set List

Mostly originals gleaned from 20 years and 4 albums, a few covers mostly of songs from folks no one would associate with a solo acoustic singer/songwriter,
Little Feat, Allman Bros... set usually runs 45 min to 1 hour... 10-15 songs