Jimmie Van Zant

Jimmie Van Zant

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Jimmie Van Zant carries on the tradition of his family of Southern Rock Royalty that produced legendary bands Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special. Jimmie pays tribute to his cousins by performing Lynyrd Skynyrd songs as well as his own music, which has developed a following in its own right.


The Van Zant Family is what bonds us together. We are always by each others’ side through all of life's challenges that are thrown at us, and it’s Van Zant family that keeps the family tradition alive.
For these reasons, Jimmie Van Zant has taken his place with the rest of his family to carry on the music that was born out of the dreams of his cousin Ronnie. Like his other cousins, Johnny and Donnie, and various other family and band members, Jimmie’s intent is to keep Southern Rock alive and to always remember where he came from and the ideals that were instilled into him. As a child, he watched his cousins’ soar to success with Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special. And now as a man, he is leading his own charge to keep the VanZant name at the forefront of music. That's what he knows and that's what he does. It may make for a harder climb supporting the family name, but Jimmie does it with honor and pride.

With conviction Jimmie states, “I have always believed that music can change people’s lives and if I can do something to make someone’s life a little more enjoyable, then I feel I have done my job well. That’s why I am here and that is the reason why there is Southern Rock.” Born in Jacksonville, Jimmie realized soon he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his older cousins and ever since then, Jimmie has taken the flag to hold high his family name and help to pay tribute to his fallen family members.

Jimmie shows his great vocal ability and distinction with songs off of his “My Name Is Jimmie” album which features songs like “Preacher Man”, “King of Nothing”, & “Ray Ray’s Juke Joint”. Like Ronnie, Jimmie is an exceptional storyteller. For this reason, songwriting seemed to be a natural fit allowing him to write the tracks of his “Southern Comfort” album, and with his command of the stage and standout presence, he can stand on his own with anyone in the Southern Rock world. As friend and original Honkette for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jo Jo Billingsley says: "As a former member of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd Band it is always a pleasure to get to sing with a Van Zant! Jimmie Van Zant is a talented singer and songwriter and has been a good friend to me as well. I wish him the very best in carrying on the family tradition of great southern music. Love you Jimmie!"

With his microphone in hand and his family in his heart, Jimmie carries on the songs that were left in his soul and continues the forward march with new music across the nation. Like the other members of the extended “Freebyrd” family, Jimmie wears his life and name as a badge of honor. And his adoring fans stand by him as the next generation of Southern Rock establishes its grasp and cements its place in this long and storied legend.


2011 – Cut from the Same Cloth Tracks
01) All the Love
02) She Stays
03) Beer Bottle Brown
04) Whiskey on the Wound
05) Rollin
06) Not Enough Ground
07) He Made a Man
08) Rain Man
09) On a Roll
10) Miles from Here
11) Old Man Miller
12) Riverboat Queenie

2008 – My Name is Jimmie Tracks
01) Woke Up This Morning
02) 100 Proof
03) Polk Salad Annie
04) Redneck Revolution
05) Backwoods Preacher Man
06) King of Nothing
07) Blue Collar Man
08) Spit Cup
09) Ray Ray's Juke Joint
10) Reason
11) Saving Grace
12) Dixie

2000 – Southern Comfort Tracks
01) Get Up
02) Bad Habits
03) Ronnie’s Song
04) Angel in the Night
05) Southern Comfort
06) Simple Man
07) Here to Stay
08) Party in the Parking Lot