Jimmi Pancakes

Jimmi Pancakes


Making the best of jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet.


About 5 years ago, Jimmi Pancakes stumbled out of the cheapest bar in Savannah after a terrible conversation with a serial killer, picked up her guitar and started blocking the blue light of t.v. screens to conduct impromptu house concerts. She has decided to sing a bit before she dies, performing at local venues, house concerts, and on the streets with the biggest grin award, a pair of broken glasses, and a squeek. She does her best to rock folks, shake them to their bones, or just lull them into daydreams of the people they miss. She will put you in a dreamy, sad state. Sort of like night-time. Sort of like sparkles.


Albums: Support Vulnerability (2003); Parted (2008); Get on the Ball (2009)

Set List

Arizona Deathbed, Soap Box, Away, Train Ride Recollections, Not Be Lonely, Bones, Bleachers, Georgia Summer, Stars, Fog, Boy to Me, Morning Song, Commercial Machine, Aspiring Acupuncturists, Defense, Gun