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5 minutes

Written By: Jamie R Durant

Think about the music
What it does inside your head
Shakes your brain, like medication
Sent on waves of meditation
Vibrating, elating, hip shakin
Its zeppelin, and Chopin,
It is wingin, swingin, movein, groovein
Down lowa, its slower, rumpelstiltskin
Gottcha jumpin and pumpin ,ya aint sleepin
Cause were peepin, skirts are flying
I aint no creepin, then follow us like sheepin
On the meadow, it’s the get go, for no reason, just to pleasing,
Come on now it’s the season, motivation is the sensation of the nation
The flaming ember night club
Top of the mill and your love
Enough show for an avalanche
Wipe ya shit if ya clean your pants
Every thing you think is
A relative pop quiz
It doesn’t take a whiz
To play with the siz
The sizzler, sizzler
The gobbler, gobbler
Wear your shoes out , on the pavement, don’t lament , don’t be spent, its
All so easy it aint sleazy , just to tease me, rise and please me , with your dancin
Surely prancing, bronco styling and all the while , im just watching you.
heres to our peers zeppelin, Chopin, ya cant slide the style they are fronting,
A bpm is what your hunting out of breath and should be grunting, the last beat of syncopation , I lay my mike down anticipation of the music makes you wanna dance
Jumpin high right out of pants, now im glad you aint sad


Written By: Jamie R Durant

Listen closely and hear the trailing
TV sets blaring>leaving
An impression staring lingering
Thought it was just a mad thing
Of the past I care for it last
Night drove me insane
Im not the same
Time as tomorrow
Never comes to an end
Of the road im sure
I won’t have some pie

How does it make you feel , when I make you feel so unreal.
How does it make you feel , when I make you feel so unreal.
Orange for change, in the new system rage

I just need a little in-formation
A 411 on the situation
It’s a cliché but I like it
Shake your head it makes no sense
You could even say its nonsense
Critical Limerence don’t enhance
Its intense and immense
But I’ll take that chance
Of a life time
One more day you are all mine

Love salt

Written By: Jamie R Durant

Set me straight or set me crazy
You know that I am much too lazy
Just to sit here and think all on my own
Then to find my way across town
And this storm not ready to break on us right now
And its clowning around in my head
I’ve paid out so much mind

Im going now, its so familiar
Like all my dreams are going down,
its so familiar

I wanna kiss, but just your bottom lip
As The light it hits, just a squint
I wanna hit, of your bottom lip
Cause its like candy and I wanna sip
If you can’t remember what I said
Please remember how I make you feel
All those things we talk about
Put me short of breath
It was only you I could tell
I didn’t need a reason
To love you, just a chance to show you
Ain’t a bad season to love you
And I think you know too.
Im going now, its so familiar
Like all my dreams are going down,
its so familiar
And if this is all that’s left, unless im starving,
Ill eat you last
Its so unpredictable
The weather
And the color of my soul