Jimm McIver

Jimm McIver


The Beatles meet Queen for a moonlit faery tale of swans, evil Puddings, and floating castles.


Singer-songwriter Jimm McIver's new concept album "Sweet Petunia Modern
and the Holograms of Düm" is the eagerly awaited follow-up to his debut
recording, "Polaroid Angel." "Sweet Petunia" takes an even sharper turn
toward his British influences, blending the lush slyness of the
Beatles' Sergeant Pepper with the loopy range of Queen's A Night at the Opera.

A classic power-pop fairy tale, the new release pits young Petunia
Modern against arch nemesis Peter Pudding in the tiny town of
Whippoorwillville, where Petunia is the only singer in a land without
music. With his warm, insistent vocals and original lyrics, McIver
(pronounced McKeever) turns Petunia's tale of musical woe into an
intricate, irresistible yarn filled with small lyrical surprises. One
reviewer has called "Sweet Petunia Modern" "creative and wildly
enjoyable . . . like a weekend drive through green hills, a cool breeze
in your face and sun shining down."

Seattleite McIver has been writing and performing around the Northwest
for more than a decade with several bands and as a solo artist. His
intelligent, accessible style melds wry, fanciful lyrics with memorable
melodies. His debut album "Polaroid Angel" was released in June 2002 on
Seattle independent label Ptarmigan Records, and was produced and
recorded by Conrad Uno -- best known for The Presidents of the United
States of America's platinum-selling debut.

When "Polaroid Angel" was released, Gary Glauber of popmatters.com
wrote, "What's most evident is the man's undeniable talent -- he crafts
intelligent songs that draw on any number of solid musical references
and makes the results stand out. This music stands up well to repeated
listens. In fact, that's when the real charm manages to make itself
known." The same can confidently be said about "Sweet Petunia Modern
and the Holograms of Düm."


Castle of Kites

Written By: Jimm McIver

It was after hours at the Blitzkrieg Baby when my sequins started to fade
Then Pajama John made the lights come on and I could feel my propeller engage

We take the music back tonight from The Castle of Kites
and what comes next is anyone’s guess but I’m sure it’s gonna be alright

Fifty years we’ve been stranded here by the power of Pudding’s device,
But tonight we’ll ride to The Castle of Kites and storm under cover of night

We take the music back tonight from The Castle of Kites
and what comes next is anyone’s guess but I’m sure it’s gonna be alright

Out here in the twilight where it’s never quite night or day
Where time never passes if you sing and dance and play
But remember when we pass through we’ll be see through
And we’re gonna pass through yeah!

Jack stood at the wall of the bathroom stall while The Bootstraps studied the map
Then to everyone’s surprise right before their eye’s a portal awoke with a crack!

We take the music back tonight from The Castle of Kites
and we’ll try our hand in Petunia’s band but I know it’s gonna be alright
the songs are gonna be alright, Music’s gonna be alright

Whippoorwillville Lullaby

Written By: Jimm McIver

Long ago and far from where you live there was a place called Whippoorwillville
And in this tiny town there lived a tiny girl who made her home in Whippoorwillville
She’d skip all day around the square and laugh and sing while peopled stared in Whippoorwillville
And they’d say Petunia Modern why must you make such a fool of you that’s not what we do in Whippoorwillville

And she said, “I am just a happy girl, white socks and knobby knees
Who likes to sing and sing some more whenever I do please, whenever I do please, oh yeah”

And when I do I go La La La La La La La La La

And the years go by . . .

Sweet Petunia Modern and The Holograms of Düm

Written By: Jimm McIver

Sweet Petunia Modern and the Holograms of Düm
Took the stage at midnight underneath a waxing moon
And little Pet she stood a little shy of 5 foot tall
But I could see her from the cheap seats freckled arms and all

Oh yeah

She was so much prettier than on the record sleeve
her scarlet bramble hairdo an intoxicating weave
and the Holograms were sporting emerald velveteen
bodysuits with maroon boots and nothing in between

She’s a singer in a songless land
The only one who didn’t run
When Pudding took command
and when she grabbed the microphone well . . .

Something underneath
Would not let me speak
Petunia, all my silence is for you

As you know, the legend goes she only dated ghosts
and at her funeral you could hear the wedding bells and toasts
Now Ms. Modern finally knows how much we loved her songs
Somewhere atop a cloud she’s painting flowers for the dawn.

She’s a savior in a summer dress
A prophet with a beauty mark
And I must confess
That when she grabs the microphone well

Time, for me, goes still
And my spine begins to chill
Petunia, this sweet madness is for you

It’s all for you


Polaroid Angel (CD 2002)
Sweet Petunia Modern & The Holograms of Düm (CD 2006)