Jimm Ross

Jimm Ross

 Cape May, New Jersey, USA

I am a singer-songwriter of bluesy acoustic rock songs, love songs and I cover classic to current rock-n-roll songs that I feel have a quality worth acknowledging.
my versions of covers are my views of what once were, or still are, great songs!!


I am originally form Detroit Michigan, I moved to S.Phila in '88 where I drove a taxi, went to business school and hosted open mike nights for 4 years before going into a full band playing my originals as well as some great timeless covers. I have performed solo acoustic gigs for the last ten years (Phila, Jersey shore). My influences are bob dylan, neil young, van morrison, ray charles and rolling stones.
my versions of classic songs are what makes my style more relevant in todays market and my original material has come from the last 20 years of life experience. I try to enhance the feel of songs that were once great in a way that showcases my abilities and provides another veiwpoint of the selected material.


I have released my first original music CD in 1990 which has 16 originals (acoustic and vocal) and was recorded at turtle studios at 225 church st in Phila.
No airplay but I do have much material placed on myspace and Facebook Fan page
Jimm Ross - Solo