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"Christmas Time"

It's a bit unusual for an artist's 2nd studio album to be a Christmas project; that generally comes later in a career. But Jim Murphy's mature vocals are made for this.

“Christmas Time” was released last year from Mission House Music, just on the cusp of Suite’s cut-off time, but this is an album worth mentioning, as Jim Murphy’s style is just want many folks look for in a holiday album. Warm and ripe, he tends to cover this mix of contemporary songs and traditional carols with a dramatic flair, stopping well short of the over-the-top line. What I do find interesting is his phrasing. Immediately evident in the opening “Carol of the Bells,” Murphy wisely mixes it up a bit, here and there coming in just off the beat, enough to refresh the familiar song. Producer George Hairr oversaw the vocal arrangements as well, and they play a big role in making “Christmas Time” as appealing as it is. Murphy is supported strongly throughout these ten tracks, the background vocals seamlessly cushioning Murphy’s own solid tones on the spectacular “O Holy Night” and especially able as he punches all the right notes on “Save the World.” Murphy’s dramatic rendition of “We Are the Reason” showcases his vocals with a soaring melody line, and Charity Von’s guest turn helps to make it a standout track.

“Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)” is an exceptionally moving holiday song, and Murphy handles it perfectly, his gentle vocals just restrained enough to let the story stand out.

Jake Allen
- Music Suite 101


"Trust the heart of your Father when the answer goes beyond what you can see..."

What a comforting thought. When all your paths seem too narrow or too long, how wonderful is it to know the He has a plan for you, regardless of your knowledge of said plan? As is the case on many contemporary Christian recordings being released today, Jim Murphy's It Was You deals with issues of trust and comfort. A label mate to Wisdom's Cry at Mission House Music Group, Jim displays a passion for ministry on this debut project.

It's somewhat difficult to limit the description of the album's sound to only one or two genres. Though Jim tints many of his songs with a sort of country-pop color (not unlike Wisdom's Cry) his choices for songs run the gamut from upbeat country-rock to introspective ballads to more traditional hymns. In common is the recurrence of themes of both reverence for God and gratitude for all that He has done for us.

Though "All In This Together" starts it off in an up-tempo style, the following song might be the album's best. "Bow the Knee" is a slow, tender ballad that simply cuts to the heart of our lives. Imploring his listeners to trust in God's plan in the face of adversity, Jim displays a powerful voice and wonderful feel for this cut. The string and piano arrangements add some depth and the effect is strong on the listener. "Believe" and title track "It Was You" are more of the country-pop sound. At this point of the project, I am struck by the similarity to the music of Mark Schultz. The ability to successfully blend worship and praise, as well as country, pop and traditional, is uncommon, but both artists possess this skill. I might be a little biased, as "Lamb of God" is one of my favorite songs of all time, but this rendition runs a close second to "Bow the Knee" for top honors. The lonely opening, with solitary voice and minimalist piano accompaniment, brings home the personal nature of God's sacrifice. And the bolder finish to the track simply adds to the sense of longing one feels when they really think about the lyrics to this time-honored classic.

Although much of the disc falls in line with the majority of available offerings in the worship genre, Jim does take a chance or two with his sound. "Taken Back" is a prime example of this. At its core, this track is another acoustic-guitar driven song like so many others out there. But the simple addition of what sounds like a synthesizer riff gives it a little bit of variety. A better example is the last song, "The Prints of Peace." Stripped-down and soulful, this piano ballad brought tears to my eyes. The soft backing chorus lends a touch of reverence to the plaintive cries of longing. The song also includes a hint of the familiar with its bridge from the hymn "Nearer."

All in all, it's hard to find anything glaringly wrong with this CD. It represents an honest and heartfelt expression of worship. The songs fit well together, and the lyrics consistently point to God. Even the music is well-rounded, as opposed to the stark, underdeveloped sound that new artists sometimes mistakenly produce. While I like this project, and would recommend it for those looking for a worship album, the style may not fit with everyone. I'd suggest listening to the sample tracks available on the website before purchasing a copy.

Scott Bush
- www.cmusicweb.com


Jim Murphy
It Was You
Mission House Music Group 2004

"It Was You" is Jim Murphy's debut with Mission House Music Group. His primary voice is Contemporary Christian, but the range on his debut is wide. Just in the first two tracks alone Jim goes from a more upbeat rock sound on "All In This Together" to a more inspirational sound with "Bow the Knee."
The main focus of the CD is Jim's vocal abilities, but the soundtrack is well produced and complementary. The song selection is engaging and always Christ centered. My personal favorites are the title track "It Was You," "All In This Together," and "The Prints of Peace."
The majority of the album stays on the lighter side of contemporary christian, but it occasionally works up a commotion ("All In This Together"/"Taken Back"). For a debut it is very well done and the lyrical content is strong. With a little radio attention and some touring I'm certain that Jim's name will become common place in many homes.
- Ken W.

© 2004 AlphaOmegaNews
- Alpha Omega News


I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to listen to and review this album. I really enjoyed it and think that Jim Murphy has a great future ahead of him in the Christian music arena.

This album is full of passionate songs and singing. It is one that inspired me and led me in to a deeper worship experience, though it wasn't a worship album in essence. It was well produced and the music was masterfully mixed to produce a great sounding album. I enjoyed the feel of this album very much and think that most others will as well.

It is a softer sounding album, so those who are looking for something with a little more edge will not find it within this package. But those who like the more contemporary Christian sounds, the easy listening, and praise and worship types of albums will find this album to be more than they are looking for. Some of the songs were so soft and peaceful that they calmed me and reminded me of artists like Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman's softer songs of passion.

Overall I believe this man of God has a great future ahead of him and I for one will be keeping tabs on him. The album will be one I listen to again and again and one I will be recommending to others to check out as well. Pick up your copy today.

Teens For Jesus


Mission House Music

Jim Murphy has produced an album of praise and worship, best put in the hands of Christians looking for inspirational messages delivered with pleasing vocals and mellow musical tracks. Murphy's voice is strong and solid, and his lyrics are plainspoken love songs to Jesus.

Church folk will appreciate Murphy's work here, which is accessible and pure. More resembling a worship set than a radio set, Murphy's songs will bring pleasant contemplation to the spiritual heart.

Key Track: "It Was You"


Reviewed by: Kezekiel

- 1340mag.com

"Christmas Time"

Jim Murphy
Christmas Time
Mission House

For his debut, It Was You, I gave Jim Murphy high-marks for his vocal abilities. On his second studio album, Christmas Time, he continues to impress with a very mature sound. His amazing vocals are most noticeable on songs like “Mary Did You Know,” and “Breath of Heaven.” Aside from quality musicianship, a good Christmas album is also part song selection, and Christmas Time contains a healthy mix of traditional songs and contemporary favorites.

For example, the album starts off with a inspiring rendition of “Breath of Heaven,” followed by a stirring performance of “Carol of the Bells,” and on the traditional side there is “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” and “O Holy Night.” My favorites include “Christmas Lullaby,” and the zingy version of “Christmas Time.” The CD also includes an original song titled, “We Are the Reason,” which features Charity Von on vocals with Jim.

With his second release, Jim Murphy continues to show a unique maturity and style that sets him apart from the masses. It may seem early on in his recording career to release a Christmas album, but as it is done, it is an exceptional CD that will always be a Christmas favorite of mine.

- Ken W.

- www.AlphaOmegaNews.org

"Christmas Time- Artist Interview"

"Christmas Time" CCM Artist Jim Murphy's New Christmas Release with Mission House Music-Nashville, TN, is Set to Hit Stores late October of 2005. In anticipation of the New Release, I sat down and talked with Jim regarding his new Album.

Q; Good Evening Jim, We are so glad to have you here.

A; It's Great to be here Ginny.

Q; A New Christmas Album is in the works. Tell us what drove you to do the Album- any inspiration?

A; Definitley. I have always felt and Believed that Inspiration defined the content of an Album and the true Heart of an Artist. Certainly in my case their was inspiration in making this Album.

Q: Tell us More...

A; Well alot has happened in my life over the past two years. Exciting, things like the Birth of my 2nd Child, a Recording deal, touring. etc.. Overall there is just a number of things I have to be so thankful for, But the number one thing I'm thankful for is my Relationship with Jesus. I will tell you now he is the inspiration behind all of my Work. Without him I am nothing.

Q; It's so refreshing to hear you speak so boldly about your heart and Passion.

A; Well its my Heart, I know in todays environment things are fast paced and its really easy to push God aside. I can't imagine doing what I do without having him to guide me. The decisions an Artist and their Families/ Band members go through is far more than one person can bare. I'm glad I have Jesus, my Wonderful Wife and Family their to guide me.

Q; The Christmas Album, Can you tell us about the Songs?

A: Well, we could be hear a very long time. (laughter) The songs on the album range from Traditional Christmas with "Carol of the Bells" to Previously recorded "We are the Reason" , "Breath of Heaven" and Originals; "Christmas Time" and "Save the World." and 5 others.

Q; Tell us about "Save the World"..

A: "Save the World" was a song we picked up from Tom Peck at Peck Music Publishing in Franklin, TN. The song was written by Buddy Mullins and Westley Willet. long before the Tsunamis and Hurricane disasters this year we Selected "Save the World" for the Christmas Album. Looking back now it is so obvious God put this in our Hands to Minister to those who have been affected by these disasters.

Q; Explain

A; Well it's so easy to be negative when things don't go our direction and Disasters occur. Finger Pointing, Why Me, etc.. We must remember God is Here for us and He Can and Will make all things new. Matthew:33 is my favorite Verse "Seek first His Kingdom and All these things will be added unto you." We have to keep our Eyes on Him. This song helps explain that very issue.

Q; "Christmas Time" is the Title and a New Song on your Album as Well. Tell us about it.

A; Christmas Time was penned by Hip hop Artist "Rapid Fire' www.rapidfireministries.com he does some great rapping on the Song as well. It's a Pop -Justin Timberlake kind of groove. It was so fun to cut and I'm sure we will have a blast performing live. My Producer made it fun..It was a blast

Q; What songs are you looking at releasing to Radio?

A; Right now we are thinking 3 or 4. It looks like "Carol of the Bells" "Save the World" Christmas Time" and "We are the Reason" or "Breath of Heaven" are in the running.

Q; Are their any Plans to push a song past Christmas?

A; Well, "Save the World" would be the only song to fit that Criteria. but to anwer, Yes, we would love to have "Save the World" at Radio past the Christmas Holiday. We will more than likely address that come January 06.

Q; Your Producer is George Hairr.

A; George Hairr is my Producer with Mission House. He is a Great Friend. He has taught me so many things as a Singer/Artist and most importantly he has taught me Life Lessons. He is just a Great Man period. He never settles, he always pushes me to the edge as an Artist when we are in the Studio. I appreciate him for that so much..He does wear me out though (laughing)

Q; Lastly, tell people how they can learn more about your music and Ministry.

A; The best way is to visit my website www.jimmurphyonline.com
You can find things such as my EPK which includes my Bio, Song Clips, News, Pics etc..

Q; Okay, well thanks Jim. I have enjoyed our Visit. Have a very Merry

A; You too, Ginny. God Bless

End Transcript; 09/13/2005 18:23

- Ginny Barksdale (Fox News 16) Little Rock

"Everything Changes"

Everything Changes

Jim Murphy just reinforces the fact that change is good. Everything Changes, the title song is beautiful from the piano, to the violin to Murphy’s voice. He continues to evolve to even greater depths of worship with Taken Back. His spirited sound and the background vocals make’s this a high energy song. If you want to mellow out a little rewind to Faith, Hope and Love. It’s a sincere song about faith when we believe God has left us, ‘carrying the promises that heaven is not so far away,’ it’s really a reminder of what is embedded in our hearts. Another song that hits close to home is Lay It All Down. It’s a song that encourages us to give our burdens to Christ. Everything Changes is an inspiring and uplifting album that gives you a reason to sing. Due to release in February of 2008.

Visit: www.jimmurphyonline.com - AWOE Magazine

"Christmas Time"

Christmas Time adds a real worship feel to the spirit of Christmas songs. Songs such as Emmanuel and We Are the Reason took me back to my teen years and in a flash the newness and excitement of fresh worship sweeps over me. Likewise, Christmas Time is a blast from the past, 80’s style, while Go Tell it on the Mountain brings a touch of country to the album. Christmas Time will speak to a wide variety of music lovers. Try it out this Christmas!




Everything Changes '08
- Start All Over (currently in hit status)
- How Beautiful (Top 10, Aug '07)

Christmas Time '05
- Carol of the Bells (major airplay)
- Christmas Lullaby
- Mary, Did You Know?

It Was You '04
- It Was You (radio debut)
- Bow the Knee

Mission House Christmas '03



"Incredible, Sensational! Two words I seldom use when describing music!" -Jim Stanley, music director of inspirational radio giant, AFR -American Family Radio.

Growing up in Southern Arkansas, it would have been difficult for someone to predict a top 10 hit from Jim Murphy. Nor a rapidly climbing follow-up single. Jim likes to think that's the only way God works. Through people who know it wasn't by their own strength or abilities, but His.

Jim's second album release has been met with critical acclaim musically, and obvious annointing spiritually. The Inspirational meets AC album mixes sounds of Chris Rice, MercyMe, and Chris Tomlin to create a well received sound all his own.

Reinventing the beloved Twila Paris hit "How Beautiful" with a fanfare of guitar, strings, and energy, helped propel Jim into the top 10 before releasing his next single "Start All Over". Start All Over, a song based on the poem by Dr. Woodrow Kroll of Back to the Bible has brought huge attention to Jim's ministry and latest single. Dr. Kroll and Back to the Bible reaches half of the world's population and has actively promoted the song upon hearing it.

Jim was called into the ministry in a very unlikely way. Members of the Southern Gospel megagroup The Martins, talked him into recording a small "starter project" that Murphy likes to pretend never existed. But what The Martins saw initially, has progressed and developed into an emerging force in Christian Music. Backed by Mission House Music, a quickly expanding label, Jim Murphy has seen a lot of positive press and publicity. More importantly, Jim has seen lives impacted eternally through music.

Jim has been on three separate radio tours promoting his new album "Everything Changes". He is embarking on yet another amidst his concert touring schedule that is taking him all over the country. Jim Murphy admits, "When God blesses you with unexplainable success, it isn't right to stand still and just let it happen. You must take the tools He gives you, and actively help to advance His Kingdom. So the busy schedule is ok with me."

Jim is a proud husband and a father to three beautiful children who are already beginning to show signs of musicality. Something that Jim jokingly admits is only scary at best. The family man is quick to give all the Glory to the Lord, and all the credit to his wife, Beth.

Jims' Music has been featured on Various Popular Radio Networks such as "American Family Radio", "The Moody Network", "UCB Europe", "Pilgrim Radio Network", "Back to the Bible", as well as Hundreds of other stations here in the U.S. and Abroad. Through Gods Grace alone, Jim's music has been far reaching. Touching the lives of countless individuals and reaching virtually every corner of the globe.

"My Prayer is that People will see Gods love and plan of salvation through my Music. To say I am humbled that He has placed His trust in me to bring others to Salvation is a complete understatement. It is an absolute awesome responsibility that I take with great Pride and one that drives me as an artist."

For more information on Jim, be sure to visit his website at


If considering Jim for your worship or ministry related event, please contact Alan @ 501.920.5908. Jim would be genuinely honored to share with your family.