Jimmy Barnett and the Hired Guns

Jimmy Barnett and the Hired Guns


A singer/songwriter out of Chaska, MN, Jimmy Barnett found his strength in songwriting. Jimmy blends acoustic styles to create his own acoustic sound. His set consists almost entirely of original songs, with inspirations ranging from Billy Joel to Death Cab For Cutie.


The music is written by Jimmy Barnett, former member of many local Minnesota bands including Stoughton, Write This Down, and The Fragile Campaign. In 2006, he decided it was time to start playing his own music, and he hit up venues and coffee shops from Minnesota to Colorado with acoustic guitar in hand. With the great response he got, he knew it was time to line up a backup band. Thus, the Hired Guns were born. These songs are all Jimmy-originals written over the last nine years and span multiple genres and emotions. The Hired Guns are a brilliant mix of musicians Jimmy has played with along the way coming together with an accomplished chemistry certain to blow you away.


Like A Cigarette

Written By: Jimmy Barnett

As quickly we learn, we quickly forget
As smooth as the burn of our thousandth last cigarette
My mistakes will live on
far after I am dead
When I'm gone, remember what I said,

"I will always love you,
you know that I will.
When I'm far above you,
there, you know I'll love you still."

As quickly we learn, we'quickly forget
we'll never pretend we had anything to regret
But, as sure as death
this will all come to an end
And when I am gone remember what I said,


I Hate The Fall

Set List

A typical set list is about a half hour long but, we can play for a few hours (including covers). Covers include Deathcab For Cutie, Copelandand The Format.