Jimmy Bean and the Playground Revolution

Jimmy Bean and the Playground Revolution


Fun, poppy, punkish, goofy kids tunes. Punk lite for kids. No bad words and just edgy enough for kids to think that it's cool. I like to call it anti- wiggles and barney music. My 11 year odl and I write, perform and record all of the music.


This is music I create with my Son Chad. I've been in punk rock bands all my life. When Chad was a baby I played little punkish tunes for him. As he got older I wanted to turn him onto the good stuff that I like (NOFX, Angry samoans, Black Flag, Descendents.. ETC) Some of the language was abit too much for his age. He grew right past Barney and there was no music that was cool, but kid friendly. So He and I created Jimmy Bean. I wanted some music that sounded tough and edgy, but like kids music with younger themes. So this is what we came up with.... Enjoy!


Silly songs about silly things- 2006
The Time is now- 2004

Set List

We don't play live... Maybe someday, if chad will practice his guitar more!