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This band has not uploaded any videos



"BBC Radio"

On Friday July18 2008 Jimmy played a live set on BBC Radio Ulster - Alan Simpson

"John Chambers"

'...Jimmy Brown writes extraordinary songs, his lyrics are to the standard of Leonard Cohens and his voice is reminiscent of the Unertones front man Fergal Sharkey, yet another exceptional, young Irish Talent'.. CITYBEAT 96.7 - John Chambers - Citybeat Radio

"Live Review by Anita Overcash"

Live Review: Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved
August 12th, 2008 by Anita Overcash in Live Reviews

Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved
Charlotte Irish Summer Festival
Aug. 9, 2008

The Deal: Belfast fellow Jimmy Brown (former guitarist of the Hickory-based band Airspace) performed new songs with his back up band, The Badly-Loved, at the Charlotte Irish Summer Festival.

The Good: From folk melodies to rock, with some bluesy undertones, Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved played an impressive set of tunes that captured the festival crowd. Highlights included the catchy folk rock number, “Under the Sun,” the rock/blues-esqe, “Yo Yo Heart” and the tension filled frenzy “Muzzle the Muse,” with its layers of soft shrills and psychedelic thrills on guitar.

The Bad: Not much. During the last half of the show, a slew of children started running around the stage, which was a little distracting. But, overall the concert itself wasn’t flawed.

The Verdict: Put them on your list of bands to see live. Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved deliver a strong set of well-crafted vibes. The band is currently working on an EP, titled The Age of Distraction to be released in Sept. Check out them out at: www.myspace.com/jimmybrownmusic.

Butter Won’t Melt
Under the Sun
Yo Yo Heart
The Age of Distraction
Next to Me
Mouths of Prophecy
The Frailty of Man
Muzzle the Muse
Point of No Return
O’ Mary Don’t You Weep - Creative Loafing


Muzzle the Muse EP 08

Single: The Age of Distraction

BBC Radio Ulster
Downtown Radio
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Jimmy Brown www.myspace.com/jimmybrownmusic

My name is Jimmy Brown. I'm originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, but I now live in Hickory, North Carolina. I started my career in music when I was seventeen, playing cover gigs in the North of Ireland. I did this for about two years and eventually I got bored of singing other peoples songs so I decided to write my own. I released an album independently in 2003 and started playing shows with my own tunes. It's a hard transition going from playing other artists songs to only playing your own – you soon realize that your own songs need to get a lot better!

A year later, I decided to go traveling. First stop was Worcester, South Africa. I spent a few months there working in orphanages and shanty towns and then I headed off to Bali, Indonesia. I played a fair few shows in the tourist spots in Bali with some amazing percussionists and pipe players and spent the rest of the time snorkeling and surfing – someone has to do it!

After Indonesia, I made my way to Holland. I stayed in a little village called Ede, about an hour outside Amsterdam, which is were I wrote the songs that would later be on my first EP entitled, The Art of Coming Home. I released the EP in a pub in Belfast called 'Whites Tavern', and I remember looking out the window and being surprised to see that there was a line of about twenty people waiting for the doors to open. The gig sold out and the songs were well received.

A few weeks passed and then a friend of mine asked me if I would go with him to North Carolina via China. The next thing I knew I was landing in Shanghai Airport! My best memory of China was when we had to go into a restaurant’s kitchen and invent some sort of interpretive cross-cultural sign language in order to get our dinner. We were two hungry guys from Belfast nodding our heads frantically with our tongues hanging out wishing we knew how to say ‘chicken curry & fried rice, please!’

A month later we arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I quickly resumed my solo act. Not long after, a friend told me about a band that were playing in a place called Hickory and so I decided to take a drive up to check them out. When I got there I realized that the front man was a native Belfast man. One thing led to another and I ended up moving to Hickory and joining that band.

When you meet one guy from Belfast in the foothills of the Appalachians, in as remote a place as Hickory, your chances of meeting another one are probably slim. But as fate would have it, I bumped into Irish poet Adrian Rice in what is now one of our local haunts, 'The Old Hickory Taproom'. Adrian and I spent about a year and a half talking about words, music and pretty much everything else under the sun and it was in June 07 that myself, Alan Mearns (Airspace) and Rice traveled to Belfast on a publicity tour for a tribute Rice & Mearns had written to the late great George Best entitled 'The Conjuror', which was received enthusiastically by the N.Irish community. I played with Airspace for 2 great years and now I'm back to being a solo act.

An inspirational television documentary about a painting called 'Snowstorm', by the late English artist J.M.W. Turner, provided the final push behind Adrian and me getting together to co-write songs. I was amazed by the story behind the painting and I started penning the words which became the opening verse of our first song, 'The Frailty of Man'. I brought what I had of the lyrics to Adrian and asked him to write the rest. We set off for the bar (where else?) and after an hour or two the lyrics were complete. This marked the start of what Adrian and I call a 'golden moment' – we wrote twelve songs in eighteen days. We started recording six of these songs in May 08 in Charlotte NC and a guy called Brad Tretolla turned up at the 1st session with a white Fender Stratocaster and asked if he could play on the record. It turns out Tretolla is the guy that took over from Stevie Ray Vaughan in Double Trouble when he died, we recorded 6 songs in one day and decided to take the traditional approach of 'no over dubs - everything live'. The EP is entitled 'The Age of Distraction (live @ the studio)', and is due for release in September of this year.

Since then Rice and myself have been in Nashville TN, writing with Bill Lloyd. Lloyd is a Nashville based songwriter, musician, recording artist and producer who is most often remembered as half of the late ‘80’s RCA country-rock duo, Foster and Lloyd. Lloyd’s diverse musical activities run the gauntlet of the music biz. He’s a songwriter (penning cuts by a wide variety of artists that include Trisha Yearwood, Cheap Trick, Sara Evans, Poco , Martina McBride, Marshall Crenshaw and many more), a record producer (ranging from Carl Perkins to MTV reality show indie-rockers, The Secret) and a session player (working with Brit-pop icons Ray Davies of The Kinks and Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze to country legends Steve Earle and Bu