Jimmy Cahill

Jimmy Cahill


With multiple influences stretching from Elliot Smith to Townes Van Zandt to Jeff Tweedy to Brian Wilson, Cahill "writes what he hears in his head."


Jimmy Cahill got his start at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in the summer of 2001. After playing in multiple bands and playing multiple shows, Jimmy moved and took his act to Baltimore, MD. His open tuned acoustic guitars and vocalization caught the attention of another singer/songwriter in Baltimore.
During the summer of 2006, Jimmy and Billy Tiedeken (Haywood/Among Wolves) got together and made some incredible music. Among Wolves then added more members and quickly became a must-see on the Baltimore music scene.
Over the spring of 2007, Jimmy Cahill and Among Wolves parted ways. The music being created is more personal and stripped down now, as opposed to Jimmy's earlier recordings with Billy Tiedeken and Among Wolves. Jimmy continues to make music in his Baltimore-area home and will be planning to add to his creativity, forming a new band over the next few months.


Seems To Me

Written By: J. Cahill

There's a doorway, I think you know
Just where it goes
Inside of it there's a path too
The answers that you already know
Inside of me right now
Is where I want you, you said
But it's alright, it's okay
It's like a book I've already read

Seems to me I've already tried
Seems to me you've already cried

Sometimes it's hard to throw a stone
When you're guilty as sin
EVen harder when you know that you'll never win
Grabbing my hand, you said softly that you'd stick around
And you'd love me forever until I'm six feet in the ground

Everytime I give you a kiss
It's always something that I'd never miss


Written By: Jimmy Cahill

All my friends are playing outside
All my friends are playing outside
And they're so lucky to have
A place to hide
When they wanna get away

All my heroes have died
All my heroes have died
But they were so lucky
To have had
Someone who cried, when they died
Who cried when they took away their lives

All his things have turned to dust
All his things have turned to dust
But he was so lucky to have
Friends like us


Releases from Jimmy Cahill:

Dust to dust (2002)
The After (2004)

Set List

Sets can last from 15 minutes to an hour, with mostly originals, but also a good amount of covers ( Flaming Lips, Elliot SMith, Wilco, etc.)