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The Story of My Life

Written By: Jimmy Croy

The Story of My Life

Like each of us, one day I will be gone,
I'd wish for her the strength to carry on,
And if they were to write, the story of my life,
I would not hope for more than's in this song.

We were so young when first we said hello,
And when love grew there was no way to know,
We did not understand, the giving of a hand,
Is really a beginning, nothing more.

The story of my life, was written by my wife,
It took so long for me to understand,
Why she had to go, but when again she said hello,
The story of my life began again.

I was so lost through all the years apart,
Didn't even know that she still had my heart,
Or that through every trial—every tear and every smile,
And every gain and loss, she played a part.

We traveled different paths, that often looked the same,
Never thinking we would ever meet again,
But one day, God said "Wait,"—Before one more mistake,
Let Me show you I have a perfect plan.


The story of my life, was written by my wife,
She never knew the difference she had made,
Or that one day I knew, my love for her held true,
And from that day, my love could never fade.

As we grow old and share the life once planned,
I give to her my heart, not just my hand,
And hope to every day, do something that will say,
"I love you"—for it's the measure of a man.

The story of my life, was written by my wife,
No better script could man have ever dreamed,
I'll show her every day, time did not slip away,
And faith in me will prove just what it seemed.

Yes, the story of my life, God wrote it through my wife,
A second-chance is what they gave to me,
No better legacy, could any man foresee,
This life I give to her eternally.

Remember me for all I did for thee.

Copyright © 2005, Jimmy Croy