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Bush's War

Written By: Jim Deakins

I left my jacket on your floor
Don't think I'll need it anymore
I'm goin off to Baghdad
Got to fight in Bush's War

They tell me it's Iraqi freedom
but what about New Orleans
Wont hear no jazz in Falusia
No blues on the Euphretes

Just tell me what it's for
Bush's War

More that 2000 dead already
15000 injuries
Tell me Mr. Bush
What's in store for me
And now your closing Walter reed
Bush's War


And I heard yesterday the CIA will walk away
for sleepin when the terrorists were flying
OK you got your way, but tell me what I say
To 15000 mama's cryin
Bush's War

Now one thing is for certian
I dont care about Haliiburtin
We could use all that money
where Katrina put a hurtin

And I'm looking at all these faces
And man they all hate me
Can you tell me what I'm doin
Fightin for the Iraqi
Just tell me what it's for
Bush's War
Come on tell me what it's for
Bush's War
Let the Iraqi boys fight this war
Bush's war, Bush's war, Bush's war

Bring our troops home