Jimmy Dow

Jimmy Dow


What do you get when you clone Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Bruce Cockburn and Gordon Lightfoot: a unique Jimmy Dow - performing songwriter specializing on the acoustic 12 string and fantastic vocals.


Jimmy Dow is a song writer, singer and 12 string guitar fanatic. He writes songs for other artists, bands and for film. His claim-to-fame, his mark-on-the-world: encourage, entertain and challenge your heart and mind. An accomplished vocalist, Jimmy delivers his own songs in a barotone and style remniscent of Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn and Chris Isaak.

Jimmy inherited his vocal chops from music-minister, conductor and voice-teacher father and soloist mother. He grew up listening to Handel, Zepplin, Mozart, Eric Clapton, Vivaldi, The Jacksons, Al Green, Jimi Hendrix... He grew up singing in the "Dow Family Singers" (he was 7 and sang soprano), choirs, folk groups, coffee houses and gospel groups. Growing up in San Diego, his creative freedom (and rebellion) started with 2 other choir-boy misfits: Russ & Tim. They sang as "Russ, Tim & Jim" in coffee houses and ran wild on church choir tours across the country :) They sang beautiful songs about love, truth, friendship.


Coffee Lady

Written By: James Dow

(Verse 1)
This morning at seven I'm gonna get to heaven
Down at the "Coffee Ground".
There's a pretty Spanish baby, I call her Coffee Lady...
Today, I'm going to ask her out.
So, I get there fast in line; practice in my mind
Just what I'm going to say,
"I'd like a Double Latte and by the way
I think you are very kind!".

"Oh Coffee Lady...here's what I want to do…."
(spoken ) I can't say that!!!!

(Verse 2)
"I like the way you grind those coffee beans ...at times
I want to be the coffee in your cup.
Your cheeks so soft and rosy…
Brown skin warm and cozy".
God, I hope I don't throw up!
Two more people left to go; the line movin' slow
I'm about to have a Spanish attack.
Coffee Lady drives me crazy..she glanced my way..maybe..
She hears my heart go pitter-pat!

"Oh Coffee Lady…. I love you so much..."
(spoken) Just one touch!!!!

(Verse 3)
Maybe when I give her my money
Her tiny hand will slip into mine.
She'll tell me all her feelings; c ry at revealing…
She's loved me all of this time!
Then I woke up from my stupor from a voice ringing super,
"Little Mister, I ain't got all day!!!"
My knees just shakin' and bakin'…my heart broke and breakin'
Another magic moment slipped away.

"Oh Coffee Lady…can't you see that I'm shy!!!"
(spoken) I want to die….

(Verse 4)
After Breve number eight my heart it palpitate
I didn't care if I lived or died.
Maybe when they find my body I won't mind
First case of caffeine suicide.
They'll say, "Coffee Lady drove him crazy…
Can't blame the boy, maybe, she put something in his drink!"
The cops will grow suspicious..start rumors so malicious
She'll be shut-down by the FDA!

"Oh Coffee Lady…I loved you so much!!!"
(spoken) Just one more touch….

Ah, bonita muchacha….


"A Pill For Every Mood - 2005 Songwriter's Catalog" title came from an illustration his artist daughter (Melissa) created. It was a creative match for this compilation -- the songs will make you laugh, get angry, cry and feel good.