Jimmy Elliott

Jimmy Elliott


A fusion of pop and rock with the added melodic trainwreck. The music will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that you will beg to ride over and over again. Once you seen Jimmy Elliott in concert his name and music will be inprinted in your head and your heart


The new studio album "Redeemed" will be out at the end of the year along with tour dates (send an e-mail to book a date near you) JimmyElliottMusic.com will also be up and running within the next month with the first new single off the album. Is Jimmy Elliott the next Dave Matthews, from afar you might think so but friends and people close to him would say otherwise. His hip-hop and rock influences begin to leak out of each verse and beat the more you listen. Like John Mayer (another artist with the acoustic/ dave matthews caparison) Jimmy has paved a new path for the acoustic pop sound, and has said he will continue to change the format for the way songwriters are perceived. With a rocky past and many obstacles to overcome, Jimmy quickly used his guitar as an outlet. Writing sometimes dark often painful songs(many about his past relationships and rejections) to uplifting, positive songs about overcoming those obstacles, you quickly learn about Jimmy Elliott. He says he is now at a place where he understands those situations and how he got there. he hopes others listening will be able to relate, overcome and conquer in any situation as well! Whether or not you listen to the music for pure entertainment or take it to a deeper level, one things for sure, you will definitely be taken on a musical roller coaster!


Utterly Happily Madness

Written By: Jimmy Elliott

I wish to darken the hour by the light that hits your beautiful face
when no one notices we are the products of an emptiness that we can't replace
don't ever say you were the first one, you were never there always scared always there just to watch me fall down. We are living Utterly happily madness

and its all or nothing, no matter what the say, cause you can't have it anyway. so believe in something, will it put you in your place are you looking for that someone to blame

how do you?

Written By: Jimmy Elliott

How do you?


I look at you pretty face and I don’t care if you look at me, and I wonder if you count the days till ecstasy x2

Verse 1

Its that one step that I needed to take, its that one heart that I needed to break
And everybody tells you that your doing okay but there words got in the way


How do you get this feeling to go away? x4

Verse 2

Is this the last meltdown that I’m up against cause paper thin is my only defense and no I don’t care where this begins just how this is going to end



And I can’t believe you are the someone for me and I can’t believe you were there for me x2



"Redeemed" the record will be out at the end of September

Set List

We do covers of Tom petty, Gin blossoms, and play the fan favs. Redeemed ,Utterly Happily Madness, how d you? are sets are typically 20 to 30 mins