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Jimmy Flavorr. A new arrival stands side by side with the top entertainers of Reggaeton and Latin Hip-Hop, already being compared to top Performers such as Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, and Tego Calderon, Thousands already know his name. The Newest Urban Latin Sensation: Jimmy Flavorr


Unique, dynamic, and determined are just a few words to describe Jimmy Flavorr. Through his ambition and life

experiences Jimmy Flavorr has proven to be a force in the Dominican Republic and moving into the streets of New York

with his diverse sound. In an industry desperate for truth and originality Jimmy Flavorr will quench the thirst through

his lyrical skills, club bangers, and street anthems.

Jimmy Flavorr was born in Dominican Republic and moved to New York at the age of 18. Jimmy moved to United States like

others to work, support his family and experience the American dream. Jimmy’s dream became a reality when he was

driving limousines, one night he drove the owner of the company back from the airport and his life changed. His boss

Robert Mele was coming back from a family trip from Dominican Republic and they shared a story with Jimmy about an

Aventura concert they attended. Jimmy mentioned his cousin Judy Santos sings with Aventura and Robert asked if she

needed a manager but Jimmy was ready for this moment and made a bold move and said “manage me.” “Luck is when

preparation meets opportunity,” Jimmy was born prepared and just needed one big break. Robert Mele launched a record

label called Lindoro Entertainment with Jimmy Flavorr as its first artist.

Jimmy discovered music at the age of 9 and shortly started making noise in his neighborhood. At 10 years old he entered

the first Latin Hip Hop competition in Dominican Republic called Sabadaso and won first place. Jimmy’s friends and

family discovered his talent and he began to perform and battle in local places. As his talent developed it wasn’t an

easy road and he started to see the truth around him as his friends got into an unsavory lifestyle, Jimmy focused on

his music and decided not to participate. He realized that his music was not only his passion but also an escape.

Jimmy’s lifestyle and personal story have shaped his music today.

Unlike the average MC on the streets Jimmy Flavorr uses his life experiences as the motivation for his music. Jimmy’s

music is uncut, raw and real and aside from the hardcore image he portrays, he does explore a whimsical side that is

showcased in his lyrics. Jimmy’s ability to identify with various cultures gives him the unique sound needed in today’s

industry. Jimmy Flavorr is an urban entertainer without limits and with a myriad of flows to highlight the talent of

this superstar. Expect to see Jimmy Flavorr spread his sound throughout the world.


From Jimmy:

Hey que tal mi gente. Mi Nombre es Jimmy Flavorr. Vivo en New York con nacionalidad Dominicana. Soy un exponente del

genero Reggaeton. Hasta el Momento me encuentro trabajando en mi producion, el cual le quiero dar el nombre cuando

haya terminado las grabaciones. Me considero como una persona humilde, dedicado, muy divertido y honesto. Empese en el

genero cuando tenia solo 9 anos. En el 2006 voy a cumplir 25 anos.

Como entre al genero? Bueno por donde vivianos reunimos un grupo de amigos de mi edad a improvisar y siempre me decian

que tenia el talento de hacerlo. Cuando en el 1998 se hiso el primer Festival de RAP Y REAGGETON de La Ciudad De

Santiago en La Republica Dominicana, Jimmy Flavorr junto a Bilson aka Nata con su grupo llamado en ese momento JB2, se

destacaron ganando dicha competencia. Hasta el momento sigo sobresaliendo en el genero. Bueno eso dicen mis fane


Gracias a toda persona que me apoyan. Siempre digo "creer es poder".

Esto fue un pedasito de Jimmy Flavorr..



"She's So Hot" - single
" La Bomba" - Undergriund Street Single

The Debut Album "Flavor of the Year" May 20th 2008 release.

Set List

30-45 minute set

Performs with a professional dance team.


1- Soy Qien Soy
2- La Bomba
3- She's So Hot
4- Los Killa

5- Killer
6- Ya Me Canse
7- Tu Y Yo
8- TBD