Jimmy Grobbin

Jimmy Grobbin

 Trenton, Michigan, USA

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Here We Are Again

Written By: Jimmy Grobbin

Time has a way
Of making each day
A dark and scary shade without you
And when you called
This craziness stalled
You simply asked, "will you give it your all?"

So here we are again
You're known' that you're my best friend
I thank the Lord that your back
'Cause I haven't been right for a while

(Repeat Chorus)

I was so wrong
I thought I was strong
But you gave me time
To bring myself back into line
I look at you
A perfect jewel
I don't want to let go
"Cause I haven't felt this good in a while

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

There's something to say for making up lost time. . . . yeah
Having you in my arms again darlin' just blows my mind . . . yea

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Never want to let you go . . . . . .