JimmyHank Williams and ThunderHands

JimmyHank Williams and ThunderHands


Texas Rock-n-roll.


JHW and ThunderHands started as a 10 piece western swing group form Austin Tx known as the Lonestar Tallboys. After many changes, a three thousand mile relocation and a few harsh winters the group changed it's name and most of it's style, the Texas swing is still felt through out their unique flavor of Texas r-n-r however. Of the original 10 memebers JimmyHank and Thunderhands are the survivors.
Influences include (but not limited to): Dale Watson, Queen, Hendrix, Jellyfish, Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Steely Dan and the Hot Club of Cowtown. JHW & ThunderHands blends the best of these groups into a unique sound rarley found north of the Mason-Dixon.
JimmyHank's personal goal is to spread warmth through his heart felt song writing, catchy hooks, personal two stepping lessons and the occasional home cooked bbq.


The LonestarTallboys (2002)
The Invisibles (2004)
ThunderHands (2007)

Set List

A typical set usually is about 10-15 songs long, around an hour show. Original songs include; Counting Down, Sactuary, Velvet Sunrise, Hard Lessons, False Sun, Story, Diamonds, Tomorrow is on the way, Little Queen, Zombie song, Shine, Train Confessions, Saint of Outlaws and more.
JHW & Thunderhands also covers a wide varitey of bands from the Uncle Waltz Band to A Band of Bees and T. Rex. Including; Life's a gas, No Atmosphere and As the Crow Flies.