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Influences-life and all of its perceptable and imperceptable frequency stimuli. Uniqueness-Me.


The Big Picture

Written By: J. E. Hasser, Jr.

The Big Picture by J. E. Hasser, Jr.

It’s six o’clock, the wake up hour.
The business man shaves and showers;
His all-you-can-eat breakfast bar is waiting.
In Africa, the drought goes on,
The crops lay burnt, the water gone
Another starving child cries himself to sleep.
In the Middle East we’re fighting still,
Over Holy Land we’ve raped and killed;
And all in the name of Almighty God.
If Christ came back, what would He say?
“How have you done while I’ve been away?
I entrusted you with my kingdom and you sold it?”
Now we lay down to sleep.
We pray to God our souls to keep;
But only the consecrated.
It’s a good thing God has hands,
So the saints know where to stand.
But will the meek’s inheritance be richer
In the Big Picture?
In a dark and damp dreary cave,
An evil beast lies in wait,
Praying to his god
We will finish each other off.
This vicious cycle has to stop,
But we’ve locked the answers in the shop,
And left the keys to heaven on the counter.
Forty generations down,
We step in loopholes all around
The Golden Rule we’ve complicated.
We change it up to suit our needs,
But when it’s time to sow our seeds,
We will have to face the truth;
It’s not our game.


Not yet; stay tuned.

Set List

Retired from live music, except for private unplugged performances for friends and family. The sets were 3-4, 45 minute sets with a 15 minute breaks. Typical cover repertoire, which constituted the bulk of the sets, consisted of Jimmy Buffet, Jackson Browne, Eagles, one hit shag music such as Build Me Up Buttercup and It's Alright, Jerry Jeff Walker, Steppenwolf, Rod Stewart, John Prine, Tom Petty, R.E.M., Doors, Grass Roots, John Cougar, Beatles, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, etc.