Jimmy Joe Natoli

Jimmy Joe Natoli


Fruit flavored songs that make you wiggle, tragic love songs that make you giggle. A little out of the ordinary songs with fancy fretwork. A story teller with a guitar, a guitar player with a story.


A staple at a local farmers market in the Austin area, Jimmy Joe sings songs inspired by true events, broken hearts and fresh organic fruit, then trades blistering solos with bass layer Carl LoSchiavo and fiddle killer Sick.
"Uncle Joe" from Torque Deluxe was played on Car Talk on NPR 11/11/06.


Uncle Joe

Written By: Jimmy Joe Natoli


Uncle Joe was a race car engineer, he lived the fast life year after year
Down on the golden coast of Malibu
He had a few most basic needs, most of which involved high speed
He had to get out there and see what that baby could do

He always found his greatest thrill on the salt flats of Bonneville
Where he tried his best to beat the rate of sound
He had not a bit of animosity when it came to attaining the highest velocity
He learned to fly with four wheels on the ground

Uncle Joe was the man behind the scene, the mastermind behind the machine
He had a knack for making a motor scream
There wasn't a bolt he couldn't turn that wouldn't make those tires burn
He always pushed the limits beyond the extreme

Uncle Joe you're always on the go, don't you even know the meaning of the word slow
Uncle Joe you don't have the show how fast you can go, they'll only throw you in the hole... Uncle Joe

Made a car so fast the very earth shook, he drove it right into the record book
If you ask him how he'll tell you he just got lucky
As good things always come to an end, fuel economy killed that trend,
He retired to the rolling hills of west Kentucky

He left behind the movers and shakers, bought a house on five or six acres
Speed was no longer his reigning factor
He blended into the quiet scenery, communed with all the sprawling greenery
And went out and bought himself a John Deere tractor

After only about a week, well that old John Deere developed a leak
It burned oil faster than he could buy it
So he parked it in his new garage, it was right behind a '69 Dodge
The speed bug bit him hard and he couldn't deny it

So he pulled out that sad excuse for an engine, cleared off a spot on his work bench and
Procured a solid block of aluminum
He torched and welded the engine bay, well that was really just the only way
'cause those damn John Deeres just didn't have enough room in 'em

He cut and drilled and cleared clearances, machined and milled and tolerated tolerances
Forged a set of pistons by his hand
He blueprinted and balanced the thing and threw in a set of custom rings and
Soon he had a seven liter Hemi on the stand

He dropped it in and tuned it up and that Hemi roared when he fired it up,
He hopped on that tractor just like a townee
He put it in gear and he popped the clutch, he didn't even hardly give it that much
And before he knew it Uncle Joe mowed down half the county

Uncle Joe you're always on the go, don't you even know the meaning of the word slow
Uncle Joe you don't have the show how fast you can go, they'll only throw you in the hole... Uncle Joe

Old Farmer Bill went and called the law, his young'uns all stood around in awe
As that John Deere tractor cut down his whole barn
Bill told the sheriff you'd better hurry, 'cause now I'm really startin' to worry that
Soon there won't be nothing left of my old farm

Uncle Joe didn't have any trouble driving through the brush and the rubble
Crossing wooded hills and through the holler
But every twist and turn that he took, well it was just like an open book
'cause he cut a clear path for the cops to foller

That Hemi didn't fail to deliver when Joe decided to jump the river and
Soon he headed for the highway up ahead
Just about then his mean machine, well it drank the last drop of gasoline
And that John Deere tractor sat as good as dead

Oh no, Uncle Joe the law is on your trail
Be lucky if you don't end up in jail

Joe sat in the court house feeling nervous, the judge gave him community service
He said we could use a man of your exceptional skill
So they put him to work out there in the yard hoppin' up those police cars
And not to mention the judge's Coupe DeVille

A short time later Uncle Joe passed on, he never could stay in one place for too long
He left this world race track bound or bust
His remains went to a high tech school where they made 'em into a super top fuel
And his ashes now leave the rest of 'em in the dust

Uncle Joe you're always on the go, don't you even know the meaning of the word slow
Uncle Joe you don't have the show how fast you can go, even though they'll never throw you in the hole... Uncle Joe


Torque Deluxe (2006)
TREATS (2003)
A Texas Christmas (2001)
Diesel Fried Chicken (2000)
Torque Deluxe and TREATS can be heard on WholeWheatRadio.com
TREATS available at cdbaby.com

Set List

Sets range from 30 to 90 minutes. I play a three hour gig regularly. 90% original music, some instumental.
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