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Currently,me an my street team representatives are still shoping my album entitled: “ MY TURN” a record whose first single “WHO YA THANK YA DEALIN WIT” was rated as his best record out there bar-none.



JIMMY JUGGLAZ The time has now come for JIMMY JUGGLAZ, to bring his highly commercial, but yet street credible brand of talent out of the obscurity of the underground market. A self-starter, JIMMY’s success in the tough to penetrate and gain respect underground world of Hip Hop, is a testament to his lyrical prowess and skill. His winning brand of freestyle hip hop rhyming skills have allowed him to successfully gain accolades from MTV, the fame Lyrical Boxing battles of South Florida nightclubs, and ultimately culminating in him winning a couple of battles in South Beach that has helped solidify his credibility and commercial appeal as a rapper. His first hit record entitled “WHO YA THANK YA DEALIN WIT”, was released in the local marketplace in the 2nd quarter of 2006, and to this day savvy hip hop fans still appreciates the effort and skills exhibited on the track. Furthermore, the entrepreneur in JIMMY is evident in the way he market himself and his product. Working with a limited budget all his own from 2001 until now; JIMMY has sold over 10,000 Mix tapes worldwide. Obviously following in the footsteps of Artist like 50 cent, Jay Z, and many others, JIMMY is using the Mix Tapes market as a tool to launch himself into the heart of hardcore Hip Hopers, and that strategy has been working thus far. JIMMY’S Mix Tapes can be purchased www.styleshiphop.com and or www.hiphopcanada.com, both major distributors of Hip Hop mix tapes worldwide. To further strengthen his brand name, JIMMY has hosted a number of parties in the South Florida tri-county, including an all white affair in 2006 after the Miami Heat won the championship. JIMMY was the only headliner at the event, and despite the fact that the entrance fee was $50.00, fan and loyalist flooded the doors. Besides being an MC, music producer, collaborator, Keyboard player and etcetera, JIMMY is also an accomplished painter. His acceptance into New World School OF the Arts in 1996, after graduating from junior high school, really set the stage for him and his music career. As he acquired the skill and ability to draw portrait and paint on canvas, which enhanced his self expression natural talent; many feel that his experience with the New World School OF The Arts is the reason why his rhyming skills are so precise / understandable / and without flaw. Artist like Slick Rick, TIP, Jay-Z, RICK ROSS, Biggie Smalls to name a few have been source of inspiration to JIMMY, and their influence on him are evident not only in his lyrics, but also on his poems. Growing up, JIMMY’S story is probably not unlike many others in the industry, as he served at least 6 month in jail for a stolen car charge 2000. But after having one of his closest friends died by 2 gunshot wound to the head, Bizone quickly started focusing on his rhyming talent and began recording. In 2001, JIMMY recorded his first track since 1996 entitled “Huslin” with Pharm Studio Production, and that track landed him Atlanta, GA where an industry professional taught him the business as far as marketing, writing, and publishing is concern. In 2005 JIMMY dropped two Mix tapes, a significant step for him toward gaining respectability, and ensuring to his followers that he was more than a 1 hit or 1 record wonder. One of those 3 Mix Tapes, “South Florida Phenomenon”, was not only sold worldwide, but that record also received a 4.5 Plaks rating in France on Styleshiphop.com. Currently, JIMMY’s Pharm Studio representatives are still shoping his demo album entitled: “ MY TURN” a record whose first single “WHO YA THANK YA DEALIN WIT” was rated as his best record out there bar-none. In 2006, JIMMY released his third Mix tapes “touring in Strip Clubs”, and so far that record has done all that is necessary to keep JIMMY in front of his audience and leave them gasping for more