Jimmy Kennan

Jimmy Kennan



I grew up in various Southeastern locales in my youth, including Dallas and Orlando, but my heart will always be in South Carolina...y'all. Currently, at 32, I reside in beautiful Napa, CA, where men are men - but only after several glasses of 2002 Rudd Cabernet Franc.

What I do is drive buses and limousines. I love the people, the excursions, the tips. And it keeps me out of my girlfriend's hair.

Who I am is a musician. Somethin' told my folks that "this boy just ain't right". Started on drums at 7, took up guitar at 11. Was in a series of bands ranging from speed-punk-thrash and Avant-Noise to Emo-grunge and Gershwin/Sesame Street... playing guitar, since drums weren't accessible at the time (gotta love apartment living).

'Round about 1992, I had an opportunity to fulfill a dream...to perform in a drum & bugle corps. A high school marching band mate was playing 2nd bass in Carolina Crown. Two weeks before their first tour, he breaks his hand. There I am, playing 2nd bass, for free! Wish I could do it again. Neat people in the drum line. Check out all the drum & bugle corps online at dci.org

FINALLY back to drums in recent years, honing my skills under Astral Kitchen's drummer-turned-vocalist, Chris Blackard. I also learned quite a bit about recording, mixing, pre- and post-production, and album mastering. Unfortunately, I have had to leave the band for personal reasons; hence, Chris, their fearless leader, has gone back to drums as well as lead vocals. Good luck, guys!

Even though I'm holding down two day jobs, I'm constantly seeking horizon expansion in the studio, live, and the business...without losing my shirt. Anyone wanna jam?


At Twenty-Three

Written By: Jimmy Kennan

She was the most beautiful thing I ever did see
And from the way she looked at me, so was I apparently
'Lectric touch, 'lectric smile, 'lectric fire - insanity
She was my heart and my soul at twenty-three

She said, "Don't be afraid boy - just dive into happiness."
With all my trust, faith, and love, I partook of her bliss
But she grew tired of my loyalty -
"Oh, please stop. You're drowning me."
That's the one thing from her I'll never miss

A fortune in lies, deceit, and tragedy
Heaven, and hell, and earth all rolled into one
But I'm no more the fool than I was before
I learned my lessons well at twenty-three

No one left downtown to bear my burden of grief
Can't go home, all mama says, "The pain will be brief."
No more touch, no more smile, no more fire - my misery
She took my heart and my soul at twenty-three

A fortune in lies, deciet, and tragedy
Heaven and hell and earth all rolled into one
Somehow I'm more a man than I was before

It's okay, I'll be fine
Just a late bloomer trying not to hide
I can't live, but I cannot die
But something will bring piece of mind


Diabolic Design (2006) by Astral Kitchen (drums, guitar, vocals)