Jimmy Kennedy & The Wrecking Ball

Jimmy Kennedy & The Wrecking Ball


Jimmy Kennedy's own description of his music is "American Rock & Roll", but others have expanded that description to include: "roots music with a searing blast of nuclear white heat" , "a crack mixture of Springsteen, Young, Black Crowes, Bottle Rockets, and a big dose of roadhouse."


Jimmy Kennedy is an accomplished singer/songwriter that has toured the Midwest. Not only has he opened for acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, and .38 Special, he is also part of Campus Activities Magazines "Hot Music 2009" list. When he started this new project, many musicians wanted to be a part of the act. Ultimately, he found the best of the best. The Wrecking ball is keyboardist Eric Keener and drummer Robert Roewe (Not Quite Nashville ). Guitarist Shawn "Bucko" Bell (Miles of Wire), and bassist Sean Barnes (Earl). Kennedy rounds our the band as lead singer, playing harmonica and acoustic guitar.

"American Rock & Roll", that is how Jimmy Kennedy describes his new band Jimmy Kennedy and The Wrecking Ball. If you are a fan of country, rock and blues you will definitely be a fan of this band. With Kennedy's blue collar roots, heartfelt lyrics, and commanding presence on stage, the band has been affectionately dubbed "the working mans band" by it's fans.


LP Used BSP Records 2002

Radio play: Walter Midway, The Game, Long, Long Time, and Sympathy

Set List

Wrecking Ball Set 10.20.09
Harp Guitar None
1. (84) Sympathy
2. (134) You not Me
3. (142) Finders Keepers
4. (106) Long, Long Time
5. (64) Don’t Wanna Know You
(140) Darkness (capo 2)
(102) Carry My Weight
8. (98) Still Your Fool
9. Too Far Gone
10. (108) The Game
11. (96) Abigail
12. (98) Watch me Burn
13. (150) Between the Lines
(94) Someone Else’s Mistake
(122) Kill Billy