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Jimmy Lott

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon, United States
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"Not Enough Love"

Jimmy Lott’s “Not Enough Love” is an album ten years in the making, but perhaps Lott needed all of that time, all of those life experiences, to fashion such a solid, diverse, and mature album. Fueled by acoustic work on guitar and piano, Lott touches base in the folk, rock, blues, Americana, and country genres and skillfully crafts beautiful arrangements throughout. Lott has the raw, weathered vocals and country twang reminiscent of latter Bob Dylan, occasionally accompanied by a stunning female backing vocal. Lott’s songs are original and poignant, both political, about soldiers and war, and socially conscious, about the world running out of love, the rich getting richer, and moving west. “Not Enough Love” is well-produced and sounds excellent, from the soft piano ballads to the lively Americana tracks, and everything in between. “Ain’t No Use” is a bluesy track with nice acoustic and keyboard work, a rhythmic drumbeat, and a great vocal performance from Lott. “Rich People” is a cynical, socially conscious track about “those poor, poor, poor rich people” with great acoustic work and memorable lyrics, including, “Rich people don’t get rained on/Rich people don’t have to stand in line.” With “Not Enough Love,” Jimmy Lott has resoundingly returned to the music world and put himself out there with a musically diverse, well-crafted album. Fans of great acoustic work and latter day Dylan should definitely pick this one up.
-Chris & the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team

- RadioIndy.com

"2009 GrIndie Award Notification"

Dear Jimmy Lott,
We want to let you know that we've awarded you a GrIndie Award for your excellent CD "Not Enough Love". We published an announcement of this award on your RadioIndy artist page, on your CDBaby CD page, and it will soon be sent via email to our listeners of your genre. We are thrilled to help you promote your excellent CD.
Manny and Greg
Co-founders, RadioIndy.com

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"Listen Up!"

"Listen up!
Jimmy Lott is one of those artists you feel you might have heard,
might have known before. Perhaps because he writes from that place where we all come from when we're at our best…the heart.
We recognize his voice because it is our voice.
One of the best writers and best kept secrets in rock."

Brian Ray
Guitar & Bass – Paul McCartney
- Brian Ray


Not Enough Love LP



Jimmy Lott is a pleasant surprise waiting to happen. His unpretentious demeanor, and warm personality, doesn’t let on to the fact that he stood on the edge of a revolution. For thirty odd years now he has been writing and singing about the changing world in which he lives. He started out in the mid sixties with songs about Vietnam, the draft, loss of naivety, and the “coming of age” of a generation on the verge of a cultural shift that will probably never be repeated.

Jim has played in the presence of such distinguished writers as John Lennon and Bob Dylan. He has performed on a number of well known stages: The Bitter End in New York and Doug Weston’s Troubadour in Los Angeles to name a couple. Jimmy has been signed to two major record labels and has had his songs recorded by multiple Grammy winners such as Ann Murray and Andy Williams. His music has been featured in prime time nationally broadcast television, as well as Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. Record producers at the highest level have praised Jimmy’s writing ability: Jim Ed Norman, President of Warner Brothers in

Following a ten year absence, during which time he fell in love, started a wonderful family, and moved to the Northwest, Jimmy is now ready to return to the stage. He is in the perfect position, once again, with one hand on the pulse of America and the other around the neck of a guitar.