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Sedona, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Sedona, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Band Blues Funk


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"Deluxe CD/DVD edition. 2013 album from the Welsh Rock guitarist"

" Deluxe CD/DVD edition. 2013 album from the Welsh Rock guitarist. Chris Buck was discovered by Guns 'n' Roses' former manager and has been endorsed by Slash. The album features musical assistance from Jimmy Mack (Sly and the Family Stone, and Ritchie Havens), Mike Thompson (Bueno), and Tony Montana (Great White). Larry Lee laid down some very choice keyboard parts. The Big Horns were wrangled together. "
- Editorial Reviews,(Jan 11, 2013) - Amazon Customer Reviews

"" 4.0 out of 5 stars An impressive debut"

" 4.0 out of 5 stars An impressive debut, living up to the hype, Postcards From Capricorn (Audio CD) A tasteful and mature first album from Welsh guitarist Chris Buck, the latest in an impressive and talented line of highly-rated British blues/rock guitarists stretching back to the 60's. The interpretations of some great rock tracks display wonderfully soulful phrasing - you can see why Slash rates him so highly. 'Blue Blood' is a strong opening track, while 'Eminence Front' and 'Still in Love With You' are highlights, along with a superb reworking of Peter Green's 'Oh Well'. Tony Montana's vocals are right on the money (especially on 'Still In Love') and the tracks are powerfully driven by Jimmy Mack's bass and Michael Thompson on drums. 'Off the Wall' (not the Michael Jackson track) is wonderfully evocative of the innocence and spontaneity of the 1960's; you can easily imagine Stevie Winwood playing Larry Lee's keys part.Finally, a special mention for the packaging it's good to see" - - DerekisEric, Amazon Customer Reviews Postcards From Capricorn (Jan 21, 2013)

"Jimmy Mack Featured Artist: Dark Horse Strings"

DHS: Who are your biggest musical influences and how has that influence contributed to your playing style?

Jimmy: Where do I start? Being from the San Fransisco Bay Area I have been affected by almost all of the music that came out of there from back in the sixties through today as well as the other hot bed places that music has come from. But especially the Bay. As for bands and musicians, first and foremost Sly and The Family Stone (Larry, Rustee, Bobby Vega) followed by Jimi (Billy and Noel), Tower of Power (Rocco), Malo, Santana (David Brown), PG&E, Stoneground, the list is really really long. I saw these bands and more... live, Myself and a friend use to show up to early to ToP gigs and carry Garibaldi's drums in so we could get in free and watch what they were doing, things we couldn't figure out from the records.....no Youtube back then. I could go on and on!

DHS: What is your most memorable gig?

Jimmy: Uhmmm ! Tuff choice... I'd say it's between playing with Sly, Woodstock 25 with Richie Havens at the original site(40,000-60,000) and two sold out shows opening for Marvin Gaye at Royal Albert Hall, London(100,000 x2) in one day. I've also had many night locally with friends that have been great .

DHS: What advice do you have for new players that might assist them in discovering their own playing style?

Jimmy: Like Chris Buck stated so elegantly and I agree, "Everyone starts off as a poor imitation of their influences and it's through trying and failing you find your voice and discover your own style; in the end, you'll only ever sound like yourself"(CB). It's so true,even today! If you take the time and bond with your instrument and listen, listening with your heart will take you to musical places that you can't even imagine. Find the space!

DHS: Tell us a few words about what made you choose Dark Horse Strings.

Jimmy: A fellow bass player and Dark Horse Endorser, Chuck Murcko turned me on to Dark Horse. I put a set on and they stay on for months. I kept waiting for them to get dull and lose their brightness or break (unlike some others,won't mention any names).... didn't happen for a long time (3 or 4 months I think). You realize after miles and miles of metal (strings) that you've found" The Ones." As I said in my review.. "The clarity, punch and low end have not suffered from fatigue. Normally by now I would have changed my string at least two or three times due to how much and how hard I play, or breakage. I’ve played (almost) every string out there from cheap to expensive and these are the best strings yet. One might think I’m a little biased because of my affiliation with Dark Horse but that relationship exists because of the strings' quality and the company's commitment to a superior product." - Dark Horse Strings


To All Labels and Artists: Blue Pie

I just wanted to let you know about our experience with Blue Pie Records. We regularly have business development meetings with Artists in need of a high profile major label look web/social sites. Branding is thoroughly brainstormed often with an extremely quick completion. Within days of bringing a left of center act to the table, Damien had assembled his team of business experts who have had major business achievements in finance and corporate dealings. This is a key part of this business.

In short Earth And The Next Society with a new classic rock sound are on the way to being a highly visible act throughout the US and eventually going international. I brought the act to the table but what an amazing plan to team the band with lifestyle marketing.

Blue Pie is set up like the majors, with multiple departments and 22 employees. Most are real music people with business acumen as opposed to the old way of hiring business grads to man the fort.

We have had a major turn around in our business. Our label is pretty much a turnkey operation, allowing us to focus on signing Artists, assisting in promotions and booking them. This new model of doing business is immediately successful and a welcome relief from getting approval from gatekeepers who often are disinterested in amazing music.

I encourage you to get on board with Damien and the crew to revolutionize your growth.

Ross Tonkin

CEO of Concerthouse Music - CONCERTHOUSE MUSIC

"Earth and The Next Society Sign To Blue Pie!"

Full Article

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Michael Shields birthed the idea of 'Earth and the Next Society' as a platform of expression focused on the evolutionary times that currently face humanity. As the concept began to gain momentum, Shields enlisted the support of an incredible group of musicians that have collectively led to a journey that merges the many inspirations associated with the golden age of rock music and beyond.

Joining him on his quest to bring the music back to the people and away from the media and corporate conglomerates is Jimmy Mack on Bass, Tom McMillan on keyboards and David L Bedell on drums.
- Blue Pie Records

"Jimmy Mack now a member of Earth and the Next Society"

It's official, Jimmy Mack and David Bedell are now members of Earth and the Next Society. I encourage you to go Facebook, check it out and "like" it. We will be posting show and release updates soon. The 6800 plus people can't all be wrong now can they ?

http://www.earthandthenextsociety.com/ - Earthsnextmusic

"We would love for you to take part. ""

I heard your song, "You’ve Got To Believe" and I am very impressed with it.I believe that it would be a great fit for our project. We would love for you to take part. "

Danny Bryant
- Quickstar Productions

"Arizona Blues Hall of Fame Induction"

"Arizona Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Benefit Concert is scheduled for Sunday, April 4th,at the Rhythm Room. Being inducted are John Dixon, Jimmy Mack & Margo Reed. A "who's who" of Arizona blues celebrities and Hall of Famers will be performing at the all-day showcase. "
- Phoenix Blues Society,Blues News online

""They Can't Hide Us Anymore""

"Two excellent musicians from the Phoenix area,bass player Jimmy Mack and drummer Eddie Barattini. (from the book "They Can't Hide Us Anymore""

Richie Havens
- William Morrow & Company; 1st edition

"George Clinton Parliment Funkadelic"

"If George Clinton Parliment Funkadelic came through Sedona and needed a Bootsy, Larry G. TM Stevens type of cat you're the only one in the whole Southwest that would fit the bill."

- Fitzhugh Jenkins - Facebook

"" 25th anniversary of Woodstock""

"Jimmy Mack is to play with Richie Havens at the 25th anniversary of Woodstock" - - The New York Times -


Played Bass on all albums.
B/G Vocals on most.

Edwin Starr, Tell a Starr (Album)

Jon Gibson, On the Run (Album), Change of Heart (Album)

Mary Wilson (of The Supremes), Walk the Line (Album)

Richie Havens, Cuts to the Chase (Album)

Jeff Bells One Mans Trash, One Mans Trash (Album)

Jetsunma Ahkon Lham, Lineage of Queens (Album), Trilogy (EP)

Jimmy Mack, You've Got To Believe (single)

Chris Buck and The Big Horns, Post Cards for Capricorn (Album)



The first steps of his musical journey began in Northern California in the middle 1960s, where as a teenager Jimmy Mack was hurled into the boiling cauldron of creativity that was the San Francisco psychedelic scene. Jimmy, already an accomplished bassist at the age of 17, began jamming with many of the musical legends of the time, but found himself drawn more to the essential Americana roots of music, and by the early 1970s had established himself as a major force in the Blues, Soul and R&B genres.

In the 1970's and early 80's Jimmy performed and recorded with many artists. Jimmy toured nationally with Sly & The Family Stone (1974-75) and for four years toured nationally and internationally with Edwin Starr & Starrchild (1978-1982). With Starrchild, Jimmy recorded several albums and singles, all of which charted. One of the many highlights of Jimmy's early career was selling out Royal Albert Hall for two consecutive shows. In 1981 Jimmy performed with Kim Carnes for the rock video Draw of the Cards, one of the first videos ever broadcast on MTV.

In 1982-83, Jimmy toured Japan with Hiroshi Takabo as a piano/bass duet performing jazz and blues with an international flavor. The tour traveled throughout Japan and was notable for selling out every single performance.

Jimmy returned to the States in 1983 and formed the Rock & Roll band Killing Time. Killing Time headlined the inaugural Earth Day Festival at U.C. Davis and for a time was a fixture throughout Northern California. While playing with Killing Time, Jimmy was asked by Lydia Pense and Cold Blood to perform a special engagement with Michael Shrieve and Pete and Coke Escovedo of Santana. Jimmy and Coke hit it off musically, and beginning in 1984 they hit the studio for a number of recording sessions featuring Coke's original music. Jimmy and Coke continued to collaborate on recording and production, but the album was never completed due to Coke's untimely passing in 1986.

In 1984, Jimmy joined forces with Christian and Soul music great Jon Gibson. Jimmy toured and recorded with Jon for four years, and during that time recorded the albums On The Run featuring Joe Satriani and Change of Heart featuring M.C.Hammer. Both of these records produced #1 hits on the CCM Charts. It was during a lackluster performance on the support tour for Change of Heart that M.C. Hammer yelled out to the audience "I need some help from my ace, Jimmy Mack, bass". Jimmy let loose with a monster bass solo and the crowd went wild. From that day on, this became part of the show.

As mentioned at the opening of this biography, the constant touring, recording and partying that is a frequent component of a successful musicians life finally began to wear on Jimmy. After recording a rock video with The 50/50 Band in late1988, Jimmy realized he needed to take a break from the frenetic pace of the West Coast music scene and moved to Sedona, Arizona, known for its majestic beauty and contemplative new-age residents. Jimmy spent the following two years meditating and writing music, while routinely performing with such respected musicians as Francine Reed (Lyle Lovett) and Motown Hall of Fame drummer Jerome Teasley (Junior Walker and the All Stars).

In 1991/92, Jimmy recorded the album Walk the Line with Mary Wilson of The Supremes, only the second solo album that Ms. Wilson recorded in the previous 30 years. Walk The Line was released in August 1992 and included the hit single One Night With You.

Jimmy began recording and touring nationally and internationally with Richie Havens in 1993 and performed with Richie through 1996. One of the highlights of Jimmy's time with Richie was performing at the original site of Woodstock for the Bethel 25th Anniversary Woodstock Concert. In addition to Richie and Jimmy, other performers included Country Joe McDonald, Melanie, John Sebastian, Mountain, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Canned Heat, Iron Butterfly and Sha Na Na, as well as Fleetwood Mac, Judy Collins, the Chambers Brothers, Tom Paxton and Leon Russell. Jimmy appeared with Richie on ABC's Live in Concert broadcast and recorded the Cuts To The Chase album released in 1994 by Rhino records.

In 1996, Richie decided to tour once again as a solo act. Jimmy formed the rock band Thomas Thomas and toured regionally until 2000 when Jimmy was asked to create and arrange the score for a television pilot in per-production. The show was not picked up by the networks, but Jimmy continued to work in broadcast media creating and performing soundtracks and voice overs for commercials. During that time, Jimmy also performed regularly with Arizona Blues hall of Fame Artists Hank Tomlin and Tommy Dukes.

In 2003/04, Jimmy recorded the album One Mans Trash with Jeff Bell which included the hit single I'm a Dog and in 2005 toured nationally in support of the album.

Another highlight of his career was Jimmy's induction into The Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame in 2004. Jimmy was inducted for mak