Jimmy Magoo and the Good Life Orchestra

Jimmy Magoo and the Good Life Orchestra

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Jimmy Magoo totally kicks butt. Backed by the Good Life Orchestra and armed with an arsenal of awesome original and classic catchy tunes, Jimmy creates an uplifting and unforgettable muscial experience that keeps kids and families coming back for more!


Jimmy Magoo is a devoted husband and loving father. He is also an award-winning singer/songwriter, educator, actor, director, musician, playwright, poet and puppeteer. For over a decade he has produced hip, happy, heartfelt entertainment for cool people of all ages.

Since the birth of his daughter, Zella, eight years ago, Jimmy has devoted his artistic attentions to creating great music that the whole family can enjoy TOGETHER. He deftly explores the themes of beauty, love, happines, friendship and community, without being trite or preachy. From raucous rock to feel-good folk, playful puppet pieces to killer kiddie creations, Jimmy Magoo has a voice and a vision that appeals to young and old alike.

After decades performing in both theater and music, Jimmy is relaxed and confident on stage, and his gentle humor and quirky personality help create an immediate and genuine connection with the audience. He improvises, takes requests, makes up ditties on the spot, and gets kids and parents involved onstage and off, until the line between performer and spectator begins to blur in a truly interactive show.

Jimmy surrounds himself onstage with the Good Life Orchestra, a lively and talented array of first-rate musicians and singers that take Jimmy's wonderful songs to a whole new level.


short and sweet (2001)
Jimmy Magoo and the Good Life Orchestra (summer 2006)

Set List

some original songs:

Hello Stranger
The Good Life
A Lot Like Me
The World is Round
Red Pajamas
Gotta Get Up
My Machine
Blue Blue Sky
Short and Sweet
Golden Thread
Have a Goal
Sunshine Family
Titania's Lullaby

also: Jimmy loves to take requests from the audience, and can play (or fake!) hundreds of children's songs and family standards.